Monday, July 13, 2015

Personal Statement for UCAS

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Hello there,

Tonight I’m having this sudden interest in sharing my experience of making a personal statement for UCAS! Yeay. Note that to apply to universities in UK through UCAS, you’ll have to send a personal statement stating what you love, who you are, your inspiration etc. After applying, the universities would consider you, and offer you a place if they’re interested with you. Of course, they’ll looked at your results, that’s definite but a personal statement is like the only way to express yourself to the admission staff.

Well, couple of days ago, my sister are asking me whether I want to sell my A-Level books or not. Since she’s now studying in Kolej MARA Seremban (KMS), she now has a lot of friends taking A-Level hence I’m so gonna have a lot of potential buyers. So, as I was going through my pile of books in the boxes *seriously there are so many notes from A-Level, I loved them that’s why I still keep them :)* , I found my drafts for my personal statement (PS). There are exactly 5 of them. Yeah, I know right. It took me 5 times to rewrite my PS to get it right.

So, my first draft is horrible. I’ve got scribblings all over the places. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, I’ve got this lovely Ms Tay to help me with my PS. Lucky for me, she’s a Thinking Skills lecturer. So I can really say having her as my mentor surely helped me a lot, I mean come on, ‘dissecting’ an article would be her forte. So, that is basically why I had so so many marking in my PS. Haha. Moreover, my writing skills are not that good, so she totally corrected me while making sure that the PS is still originally from me.

Anyway, the thing is to write a good PS, you have to recheck your work. You have to really make sure that your arguments are not flawed. It is normal to rewrite PS for several times. And having a good mentor or somebody to check your PS, is really important. Since PS is the only way for you to tell the universities you are applying to about how passionate you are, what you’ve achieved so far etc.

I managed to get conditional offers from Manchester, Bristol and Sheffield universities. I also managed to get an interview from Imperial College London (ICL) *which I forgot to do since I was busy settling my preparations to Sydney*. So, I think my PS is quite a success.

Anyway, it was a good experience to write a PS. Since you have to really reflect know yourself, 
know your limits, your desire and many more! Yeah, you can write crap and lies all the way just to make sure you look interesting, but to what extent can you lie to yourself? And not to forget, writing this PS helped me to realize the differences – more like potentials actually, that I have, which are not typical, making me realize how special I am.

That's all from me. If you want some help in writing a PS, I’ll be very delighted to give you some help. Just keep in touch and we’ll see how it goes.

Till then, goodnight.

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p/s : Alhamdulillah for the results (;

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Film review : Frequencies

Assalamualaikum and good day mate!

So, this time around I am going to write up a movie review *haha tak pernah seumur hidup aku tulis movie review *cries** so the lucky movie is titled Frequencies.

I had to watch this movie because I thought the actor is kinda cute. Haha. Lol. *kurang pahala puasa* but anyway, this movie is basically about people with different frequencies. The idea of this movie is that people with higher frequencies tends to achieve more than those who has lower frequencies. And indirectly suggesting that the nature is in high frequencies, that is why people with high frequencies are in sync with nature and are always ‘lucky’.

Also known as OXV : The Manual
So, here, we had this cute guy called Zak, whom has a very low frequency and Marie, a girl with a very very high frequency. And that being said, in this movie it is also implied that the higher the frequency, the lower the emotional feeling. So, in this case, poor Marie, she has no idea what feelings are. And, people with very low frequency and very high frequency cannot be together. The longest time they can spend together is only 1 minute, else there’s gonna be something bad happening to Zak.

But, throughout years, Zak found out something to somehow increase his frequency and managed to get together with Marie, for a while, it worked for quite while then conflict came and things get complicated. Marie was totally confused with her feelings, is it true that she is in love with Zak or just because Zak said so? She was confused but in the end she managed to work it out.

Okay, that’s enough of a spoiler I think. Haha.

So, my comment for this movie?

Well, honestly, I think this is a non-cliché movie, the idea that you can measure someone potentials based on their frequency is very interesting. I like the idea, though it would be quite impossible to brain this haha since how on earth can you measure people’s frequencies? Or maybe there’s a way and I am very sorry for my ignorance, but I have no idea. Sorry.

Anywayyy, watching this movie made me thought of something.

*I actually spent a whole 20 minutes trying to remember what crossed my mind when I watched this movie. Haha. Aku ni dasar pelupa la! Aduhaiiii. I know it should be something deep, not something easy. But I can’t seem to remember what it is about. Ahhhh so frustrated.*

Okay then, I can’t find the words. So sorry, hihi. But do watch this movie, it is kinda slow and such but this movies is very interesting as it is very different. I got good feeling after watching this movie.

Oh wells, that’s all from me. Bye!

p/s: Planning to write a post of our roadtrip 
that we had the other day ;)
Too excited. hiks

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hello there :) I'm back! Yeay!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh,

It has been a long long time since I last blogged. I think it has been almost a year *ceh perasan je ni kot* so here I’ve decided to come here and start writing again since I really need to brush up my writing skills.

Anyway, long story cut short, I’m now doing my second year study in University of Sydney doing electrical engineering. But right now I am on my holidays and since raya is coming in two weeks insyaAllah, I’m back in Malaysia! Yeay!

Yours truly in some park en route to Sydney from Newcastle

So, a couple of years ago, I’ve decided not to post anything personal on my blog but somehow I keep seeing myself failing to do that. HAHA. And since blog is really for personal matters, I’ll just go with posting news about anything them. I should really not limit my creativity in writing by putting a theme on my blog right? Ahah.

Obviously, I won’t be able to blog that often since I have so many commitments, note that this is not a boy-girl-relationship-and-I’ve-got-a-boyfriend-commitment, this is about some other stuffs. So yeah, joining Malaysia Festival as video director is totally pushing me to the cliff since I am so so baddd at editing videos :( it is sad and frustrating when you tried so hard but to no avail. Haih. I guess I need a lot more practices and help. So yeah, I am so gonna learn from my sister later. Hihi.

Besides that, I am also involved in PPMS… Eh wait, no I am not gonna spent this post ranting about my extracurricular activities. Haha lame gila I kendai you know talking about all these stuffs, lol

So, what else to talk?
Oh yeah, haven’t bought my baju raya yet, planning to buy them soon. *this is not important but I feel like telling people so haha*
I’m basically and currently active on Instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr. And now I am activating this blog! Hahaha. Crazy me, I’m pretty sure I’ll let one of them down one day, neglecting the blog or tumblr when I’m busy huhu. Sorry in advance!

Anywayyyy *Elia told me there’s this tone in my ‘anywayy’ that you can trace that this ‘anyway’ is coming from me. lol* hopefully I’ll be able to keep updating this blog with my stories, eventhough there might be nobody who reads them but who cares? Hahaha I’m just blogging for fun and for my pleasure. So yeah. Till then, bye!

p/s : I ended up writing this post during my flight to KL from Sydney
since my attempt to watch Ruby Sparks failed
due to the time being too noon. Eh? Haha bye