Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Finally a new post in 2018

Peace be upon you.
It's already 14th of February, 18 days since I got back from Australia for good. All praise to Him for all the rizq and guidance, for making it possible for me to finish my degree there. I actually intended to write a parting note during my flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, but the only thing I managed to write are these lines:


My laptop showing that it's 8.39 pm but I guess in an hour, that clock setting does not apply to me anymore. I'm coming home for good this time. Alhamdulillah, I've graduated from University of Sydney after four years of struggling. Okay bye nak nangis, sambung nnt. BYE.


I guess at that time I was a tad bit overly emotional since I just finished watching Dangal, a story about the relationship between a father and his three daughters. I was clearly happy and glad, I got to back to mum and dad after making them proud. Frankly, those 4 years in Sydney has not all been flowers and chocolates, it is filled with thorns and storms as well. I really got to learn about a lot of things, how different people think coming from different background, how different cultures are, how similar we are to people in land down under and best part of all, I got to know myself a lot better. Thinking back about all of it, it's a bit mysterious, no, not the fishy kinda thing, but more of a pleasing surprises on all the events that occurred throughout my 4-year stay in Sydney.

A view of many memories

I've been planning to dedicate on a post on how to enjoy life in Sydney, tips and tricks to get cheap tickets and passes, what to do, what to check out in Sydney, but I guess the list will be a long list so I'll save it for the next post haha. I want to go sleep now Zzz

Anyway, may 2018 brings the better version of ourselves and good luck to you, in pushing yourself to the boundaries and to allow yourself to grow :) May Allah bless us all.