Saturday, January 21, 2017

It all drips away.

Hi there. 

Happy Saturday. I just finished watching The Book of Love; a very interesting movie. Tho, I have to warn you that it is a story about losing someone you love. If you don't feel like feeling sad and emotional, then don't go watch it. Despite that, me being someone who likes to watch 'deep' movie, this one gonna be in my recommended watch list. 

So, the other day, I was thinking about how we often say that we have to appreciate things while we have it but what about things we don't have? Maybe we should not be using the word 'appreciate' but what? There's this thing in ourselves that is called 'needs', 'desire', 'greed' which often requires moderation. And somehow people always tell themselves to be enough with what they HAVE, to be thankful with what they OWN but not many reminded to be alright of NOT HAVING, to be content with WHAT IS NOT THERE. 

Just wondering. 

Okay, let me use an example. If you have to commute, you wanted a car. Despite having all the public transports available, you still want the car. One of your argument was that it'll be easier to go here and there. But let me tell you something, you should be grateful of NOT HAVING a car. Why? You'll never get stuck in traffic jammed. You don’t' have to spend money from time to time to service the car and you get to have people drive you around haha * this one only legit sometimes hahaha* but don’t get me wrong, I am not against buying a car. Just using this as an example because was thinking about this when I was stuck in traffic jammed last night. 

Because sometimes, I think, it is not enough to just be grateful for what WE HAVE. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of what WE DON’T HAVE and be glad about it. Mum always tells me that she's glad she has not born rich or else she would be needing to answer to God about all her wealth. Sometimes we don't know what would happen if we have more, it could either be good or worse but as far as it is, the present is always good. 

Though it is good to mention, when you got something, usually there's gonna something you'll lose. Oh yeah, I am using 'usually' it does not apply all the time. For example, if you got something deliciously tasty to eat, you'll end up gaining more fat and weight, not losing them haha. But yeah, you have to realise there's a price for everything. There's always something to lose in this life and that is alright. Sometimes, we have to give up things as well, might be it was not good for us. 

So guys and girls, try seeing things from different perspectives. You have to be thankful for what you have and also of what you don’t have or yet to have. Things happened for reasons, which when we managed to figure out what the reasons are, know that it was a blessing from God who gave light to us. May all of us be the among those who are guided to the right path. 

Have a good weekend. 
Take care.
I wonder why it is,
when life turns on you,
you go back to those places in your mind,
those places you knew,
that made you happy,
made you feel safe.

Sometimes it's the spark
of a memory,
like the places we've been,
things we've done before,
or people we knew or loved.

In the end, I think
that's what it's all about,
the people that left
a mark on you.

You want to hold on to 'em.
You want to take 'em with you,
but you can't.

When you're in trouble,
you hold on to anything
that makes you feel right again,
but it's like holding on
to water in your hands.

No matter how hard you squeeze,
it all drips away.

-- Millie, The Book of Love

Monday, January 2, 2017


It's the second day of the new year and here I am typing this post on my bed. I've just finished watching the movie entitled, Genius; which was remarkably a good choice of movie to watch. You'll like it if you are those people who love words and expression or to put it simply when you appreciates poetry and literature. 

I am going to turn 23 years old this year. A year older with hopes a year wiser as well. I was watching tv with dad yesterday when we saw a documentary about a guy who flew all over the world in a small aircraft and he's only 21 y/o that time. Amazing kid, really. Wondered what I did when I was 21, most probably busy looking out ways to have fun and waste time. Sigh. 

Twenty-sixteen has been a brutal year for me. I have to admit that. It has been a very exhausting year, both physically and mentally. For so many reasons I can't write here but it was only bearable with the help of God. He sent me those amazing people who supported me, without me actually realizing it while it happened. A year that tested me with patience, trust, dependence, lacking things, feeling lonely, making choices, friendship, and so many others. Probably it was the year that makes me realize what's the value of being grateful and thankful really is. Nonetheless, I did not regret any of it. It was a blessing in disguise. I got to know a lot, like a wholesome lot about myself and about those around me which I reckon would never happen if things are different. So I am quite confident to say that twenty-sixteen has been a year that both brings me tears and laughter, 366 days with so many flavors. 

Coming to twenty-seventeen, I had a chat with a colleague the other day and she asked me what is my new year resolution; which at that time I have not thought about yet. But I know now, one of it is to graduate from University of Sydney with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. That’s one of my many resolutions, of course. There's another friend who said she just wanted to make sure that she will always pray on time and 5 times a day and night. I guess all of us has different aims right? 

I pray to God that all of us will be given blessings in our time so that we can do all the things that are beneficial and that are good for us. I pray that not a minute passed wasted with regrets. I pray that each of us, you reading this, and me, writing this, would get the best in things we do and God will always shower us His blessings and mercy and took us in His Guidance and Protection. 

Warm welcome 2017, another 364 days to be filled with scrumptious things in life! 

p/s: I only managed to read 18 books last year, hopefully, the number would be a lot more this year.