Friday, December 27, 2019

4 days to 2020



It has been a very long time since my previous post. I was really busy then I guess, well, with work and balancing life between being a wife and daughter-in-law while being the eldest child, a friend and well everything else haha.

Anas and I, we moved to a new place, somewhere nearer to my office which is very convenient I tell ya. Compared to those long drive from Gombak to Damansara, this new location is so easy for me to go around. Alhamdulillah.

It's been more than 4 months now. <3
I'm actually on my end-year leave this whole week and we both actually went to Genting Highlands last Tuesday, and it was magical. The whole road going up was foggy, lucky Anas was driving else I'll be panicking haha. We had it for a day-trip so we went to try the indoor theme parks, which well, to our disappointment, have yet to open their roller-coaster rides to public. Their 4D cinema was just as good as 10+ years ago, I enjoyed the cinema very well. All in all? Go early to Genting if you at least want to go for more rides 'cause starting noon, there will be a lot of people queuing and you might need to wait until 45 mins for a 2-3 mins ride. So, plan your time wisely ok?



Actually what I wanted to write in this post was never about the Genting trip, it was about what I observed the other days.

You know, if you pay attention when you are at the public places,

you'll notice a father that stopped eating when his child cried, and played with the child, letting the mother eat at her time peacefully, while scrolling phone and catching up with the world,

you'll notice that some people considered eating out is a luxury, that they are very hesitant in their order,

you'll notice a mother who let the father choose the menu for the night and just eat out accordingly,

you'll notice a father who listens attentively to his children while the mother enjoys her bowl of dessert,

you'll notice a wife who let the husband pray first, while she safeguards the groceries they just bought but at the same time, you'll see another couple, where husband let his wife prayed first,

and too, you'll notice a mother who had to bring the baby with her while she prays, because there's no one to take care of the baby meanwhile,

you'll notice a child who was embarrassed when her father was being rude to the waiter,

you'll notice a couple, where the guy has to carry luggage, shopping bag, girl's handbag, while the girl brings practically nothing with her, oh wait, she had her phone with her,

you'll notice some ignorant people who saw an old woman struggling to wear her pair of shoes while standing, while them sitting on the bench near the shoe rack,

you'll notice some waiters, they did not know that by saying "please be patient, that customer over there is also waiting" does nothing but give the customer more dissatisfaction,

you'll notice a whole lot more things, and you'll learn to appreciate what's on your plate.


with this, I end my post.

I humbly apologise for all my wrongdoings to you, if there are things that are still unsettled, please let me know so that we can clear it off and start afresh.

Make your last few days in 2019 counts and may all of you start your 2020 with a positive mindset and have a lovely year ahead guys and girls. :)

p/s: You'll never know when I'll be coming back here again right? haha.