Sunday, March 18, 2018

45 days of cherries reflection


Some of you might already know that I went to work in a cherry factory last December, to earn money for life after graduation. To those who just knew, yeah, I did work as a cherry sorter for 6 weeks. Thankful that I got the student visa privilege, that I am legally allowed to work in Australia and managed to be in this humbling experience. 

Anyway, during this period of time working, I did A LOT of reflection and thinking. One part because I didn't bring my laptop, so you get it, and there's a very limited mobile coverage there, so I spent most of my free time; reading books or pretending to be scrolling my phone while I'm thinking about a lot of stuff haha which later on I jot down in my notebook during breakfast.

But you see, my brain has a limited capacity in remembering things that I already thought of, that's why I needed the notebook. The thing is, I just got my hand on the notebook, which I packed in the boxes for shipping, and rereading those notes haha I tell you I was surprised I got to think like that. Impressive how spending a month and a half in a small cottage with not much accessibility can do to our minds!

Though, I'm not really going to go through everything. Just gonna summarised a few incidents and things here. (BTW I think I lost touch with blogging, I feel so alienated by myself now =O)


    • When I got on the bus to the place, I had a small conversation with an auntie. She was on her way to visit her grandkids and she always commutes every 8 weeks! So thoughtful and nice, to still be able to visit your children and grandchildren whenever you got a chance to. Made me feel a little homesick but it did put a note on my mind; to always remember that after I moved out from my parents' house, I will always come and visit them.
    • 2 days without network coverage 'cause there were thunderstorms in the area. Haha it was a nice forceful mobile detox lol
    • Sometimes, being in a privileged position can be quite a challenge. Especially when you are not able to empathize with others in their struggles. For example, when I did my final paper for last year, the subject itself has a very high failure rate and the exam was very difficult that I actually worried about not graduating. And when sharing this worries to someone, the response that I get was, "I honestly cannot understand how can people not graduate on time, I mean, what's the problem? I mean, I understand if you cannot get certain grades and all, but graduate? Is it because of your uni or what?" Tbh, I was not angry with her response, instead, I pity her if she really could not understand or if she really wants to comfort me but failed in uttering the comforting words. It just that, during that time, there was another girl who I knew had to extend a year to graduate, and she NEVER CHOSE OR MEANT it to be that way. Who are we, to judge after all? (Though she reminded of how short my thinking was when I first came to Australia, that was way before I knew what's life can do to us haha)
    • I received a news from a friend that our mutual friend got engaged. I was so happy for her and was not even a bit hurt when she directly did not share the news with me herself. For me, their personal affairs like that, are their rights - their privacy. I mean, if she does not want me to know then I won't poke my nose into her business. Besides, I think engagement should be kept a secret or the least, to be known to nearest family members and closest friends. Haha funny when you rarely talk to me, never ever be the one who initiated the conversation with me and deemed to be told about my engagement or even demands an invitation to my nikah! I hope not to be that kind of a friend, phew!
    • What kind of a person are you? When sharing things, do you put things back to the place or just left it in whatever condition you feel like? One example would be when you're using the iron, you had to unplug the TV to plug the iron cord, upon finishing, do you unplugged the iron cord and plugged back the TV or just left it be? If you chose to be the latter, have it crossed your mind that what you did, it might be inconvenient to people who want to watch the TV? And it felt like a little bit unresponsible right? Just like those who borrow things and never return back to iitsplace, aaahhhh I can't tolerate this kinda people.

    Enough of sharing I think. I need to go run errands now. Write again soon (hopefully)