Monday, October 6, 2014


In the name of Allah

since that day, I promised myself not to anymore.
and as day passed by,
sometimes the thoughts of doing it again comes by
and as usual
I'll let it pass
by lying to myself
that I won't fall for this trap
that I am not going to follow the trend

and as I go along
friends keep telling me
"you're heartless"
"you're insensitive"
"you're strong"
and somehow, I chewed all of them
and I have to admit,
I am becoming like they said
and I hate it more than ever

when you're heartless
maybe your heart won't feel anything when you sin
maybe you'll be ignorant when you see other muslims are being oppressed
maybe you'll be as brave as ever when do wrong things
maybe you'll stick with your thoughts though it's wrong
maybe it takes lotsa lotsa force from wise people to tickle your 'strong' heart

those maybe thoughts are especially mind-disturbing
it won't happen to me

p/s:I'm glad to see your writings
gave me hope