Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jangan cepat menghukum

Hola :)

It's around 4 p.m. Sunday and I am waiting for the rice to cook. At the moment I am so freaking hungry because I forgot to eat the whole day and now I cannot study so here I am. I shouldn't be posting something personal but oh well this is a reminder for myself, thought that you guys might want to be reminded as well.

*sorry the title is in Malay, because at first wanted to write in Malay but haha I am getting annoyed with those red lines so let's go English* (I don't need to mention this but this is a personal post so yeah whatever)

Okay. Enough ramblings, so here it is. It started with something I tweeted couple of days ago, as shown below. 

And a friend responded and I replied as well;

So, at that moment, to be honest, I told myself,
'It's fine Sab, you are not simply judging this person. You have valid reasons to claim what you've tweeted.'

The impression that I am getting from Yasir's response is that he wanted me to take a moment to give the friend a chance to explain her/his behaviour before I said whatever I said. He might have wanted me to have husnudzon to this friend of mine. But yeah, I do take into considerations of what he reminded me but it just that, at that moment I can’t rationalise thing so I said what I want to say without thinking twice.

The thing is, today I went to the city to buy some stuffs for my projects and I bumped into this 'friend'. Okay, let's call this friend 'Z'. So Z started by asking me how I was doing and whether everything is alright. Z told me about the project they are doing and it is not working so it is taking a lot of their time. In other words, Z is busy. Which means that what Yasir said is true. (Tahniah Yasir, kau betul ah this time haha)

So yeah, I didn't talked much to Z at the moment because Z's friend is there as well and when I was about to take my leave from the store, Z said to me,
"Sab, kalau ada apa-apa ke anything ke, just rogerlah"

So, maybe I should start telling Z things Z need to know. And I should not just simply punish Z because I myself didn’t even asked Z how Z was doing. I am pretty sure Z have absolutely no idea what was going on and it is so not fair for me to simply throw the fault at Z when Z didn’t do anything.

This simple incident made me reflect a little bit on how lately I've been analysing my friends, maybe a little bit too much? Haha a friend told me that I over-analysed things, I might starting to agree with him. Lol. Should probably stop doing all these 'over'-actions. Anyway, back to analysing friends, I should have never done that. I should not expect everyone should be the same. I should not analyse my friends, I should get to know them more and embrace them for whom they are. Some friends, they did all those checking up on you from time to time. While some others, they believed that if there is something you wanted to talk to them, you would just talk about it. I forgot about that, about having trust and reliance to your friends!

And of course, I was reminded about the assumption part as well. To have positive assumptions to your friends. Which lead me to this;

I didn't have the link of the video my friend mentioned up there but yeah, that verse from the Quran was really something ey? Avoid negative assumption.

I guessed that's all for the time being from me. This post is a reminder for me and if there's anything else you want to add to it, feel free to drop in your comments! :)

Have a wonderful day people! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The nightingales are drunk, by Hafez

Hello there, 

I just wanted to do a quick post here about a book I've finished reading last week.

Bought this book from
I got this book less than a week after I put my order and what do you know, it came with a wonderful bookmark! I gotta say, I love the bookmark! Oh yes, I coloured them myself hehe, now now I am considering to buy that colouring book because it so fun to do. hehe.

Anyway, back to this book. I, honestly, didn't actually do much poetry, not really a fan but you know, reading beautiful sentences, compiled in certain way, with deeper meaning, you just enjoyed doing that. A friend asked me where I got the idea of reading this book by Hafez, tbh, I can't remember. But I know somewhere somehow, I got introduced to this person, Hafez *or at least to his work kihkihkih*

I don't fully understand the book, much of the poems were talking about a drunk man, not sure whether due to wine or love but he is drunk and intoxicated. But there are certain things Hafez mentioned that worth to be pondered upon. About how the greater sorrow can cause greater joy and some sort of other things as well.

If you searched for this book on Goodreads, you'll find too many negative comments that might get you uninterested with this book. But it worth a read, at least once, haha. For my friends here, if you feel like reading this, you can always borrow this book from me. It'll take you a day to finish it, less actually but yeah, just tell me, and I'll lend you the book.

Anyway, that's all from me, gotta run now, I got a lab session starting in 5 minutes.