Monday, December 19, 2016

After a month in Malaysia

Hello readers, how have you been? Sorry I've been ditching this blog for a while. I was occupied with things right after my exams up until now. And yes, I still got things to do but I really wanted to make this quick note. 

Internship in GAMUDA has got to be one of the best decision I've made to spend my three months of summer break 
Why did I said so? Because the department I was assigned to was very heart-warming and supportive. I love the dynamics of the team, they work good as a team. After working with these people, I remember again why I wanted to join the associations before, it was not because to beautify my resume but it was for the experience and memories working as a team. 

Though, I can only say this based on my very inadequate 15-day working as an intern. I also thought that I wouldn’t be getting my hands on things, would probably just be doing office work, not much of a help but no. Here, they welcomed you in meetings, site visits and they always check up on you whether you are able to catch up or not. I am very thankful for this, am really thankful. 

Finally gotten the spirit to actually enjoy and learn as much as I could from this internship. 9 more weeks to go. Now, somehow it seems so short already haha. 

Was extremely grateful for my examination result 
I was very deeply thankful for the outcome as it was something remarkably well beyond my expectations. 

I am going for my fourth year next year, also my final year, InshaAllah! So glad to be able to say this :) I have promised myself that I am going to do well in my final year and make a lot of memories as well. Okay, this is personal, why did I wrote it here, lels. 

I was planning to post the open letter to you but nah, just these; 
To you, 

Congratulations on your marriage and all the best for your future. I sincerely hope that things are going to be easy for you. I hope you will get yourself someone as beautiful as you are because you had a beautiful sincere heart. I hope you will get cute and adorable kids and you get to name one of them Nurhan. I pray that you will be a good husband and a loving father to your family. If our path crossed again, I hope it'll be in Heaven. :) 

I should probably go figure out how to do the work now so till then, may all of you have a good day!