Friday, June 13, 2014

I won't hesitate, this cannot wait

In the name of Allah

to change for better is never a crime

and usually a crime is easy to do for someone with evil heart
and it is hard for people with good heart

if you say that changing for better is hard,
it is like doing telling you not to do any crime
while you're having a bad heart

i don't think you have bad heart
nor evil heart
it just that something has contaminated your pure good heart

so maybe to take it off from your heart is gonna takes some effort from you
just like removing stains from your shirts
some stains are easier to be removed, 
only require normal detergent
some is really tough to be removed
like the oil, or the paint
maybe require clorox 
or even multiple washing

just like our heart
no, most of our time
our heart is stained with our sins
day by day
time passing by
unless we reflect and start washing them off
we will, not realized that our heart has become too deep
too black
too dirty
then it will become harder to be clean again
*HARDER* not impossible

hence, no worries
it is never too late to change for better

you have your own struggle
i have mine
don't say that religious pious people are having easy life
because they have pure heart
don't say that
'cause you never know what they're battling with

be thankful
be strong
have faith
have courage
stay determined
stay positive
may Allah bless you
may Allah bless you


p/s: listening to Raef's songs
cool, he changed the lyrics,
made you remember Allah while listening to him