Thursday, April 21, 2016

Those years we've been living

*When your mind's made up - Glen Hansard*
This is my second attempt in blogging today, I wrote a draft just now and it is full with negative questions. More like me whining on things that are out of my control. Oh well, I guessed sometimes I do have those frustration when dealing with people and life, generally. 

Anwyay, last Monday, it was my best friend's birthday. She is a special soul that knowing her has been a great privilege for me. She turned 22 that day. Thinking about it, I remembered a conversation I had with a friend early this year. We were discussing about our life and suddenly one of us said something like, 

"Kita dah 22 kot tahun ni, dah kena matang. Bukan 20 ke 21, tapi 22," 

What an age right? To turn 22. I know most probably someone older would say something like, 

"Chill, 22 is nothing, wait another 10 years. You'll see how young you were when you are 22." 

I can't deny that, really, but knowing that you are finally turning 22, just kinda scares me a little *well, I am not yet 22 haha* but yeah, 22 is just a figure to make it easier for me to explain. So where I was just now? Oh yes, it scares me a little, ok not, a lot. Knowing that I am getting closer to my death. *pheww aura dak usrah dah keluar kihkih* But yeah, once, a friend sent me a birthday wish saying, 

"So you've lived for 19 years, enough for Jannah?" 


On another note, let me talk you about another thing. Like my friend up there, there's no need to be too worry about what you ought to know at the age you are right know. Yes, you are 22 or 40 but always remember that you have lived those years of your life. Only your life. It is totally fine to not knowing what to do sometimes. Like, when you are 22 and you have absolutely no idea how to make a curry-puff, *sorry, I've been planning to make them for a while now, so haha* it is alright. It is alright because not everybody have the chance to learn how to make them while they are younger. 

It is fine if things you did, do not turned out they way they are supposed to. It is okay if you keep stumbling on failures and felt that life is getting difficult. Life is difficult, nobody said it was gonna be easy. But always remember, things that are worth, usually come with a price. It may be these pain you are currently experiencing, so you have to keep moving on and have perseverance. 

Always remember that the things in your life cannot be found in other people's. It may be similar but never the same, so be grateful and always remember to treasure them well. What you have experienced would never be the same thing for anyone else. And remember that we will always learn something every time. 

*Fallen from the sky - Glen Hansard* 

"You've lived 22 years, what a long time, but hey, it is only been 22 years of your life. There are so many things happening in other people 22 years of living. So chill, you don't have to know everything. It's alright to make mistakes and admit that you don’t know. :)" 

I might be saying things that doesn’t seem to make sense to you but ohwells, sometimes I don't get myself as well. Haha. but to end this post, just remember that you should never restrict yourself from growing and knowing the better of you. 


*Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard*

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

For Mum and Dad

Assalamualaikum and good evening! :)

I hope in the midst of our busy schedule, you would never forget to pray to Allah and ask Him for His blessings in this Dunya. And also, as a daughter or a son, we should always prayed for the well-being of our parents.

Photo source: Pinterest
I remembered there was one time when I was in my boarding school, I was 17 that time and things are getting harder as of my mid-year exam was nearing and I've got ridiculous training schedule for archery and so many other things. So there I was, one evening, I was waiting for Asr prayer in the musolla and they started reciting this Du'aa, more like chanting this Du'aa together. It's more like doing the zikr together in an assembly but instead your were saying this du'aa.

So, as I go along with the supplication in Arabic, I said it out loud and nothing happened actually, most probably because I wasn't really sure what I was saying. And then followed with recitation in Malay, which is the translation. I was repeating the supplication for a few times and then suddenly I cannot stop myself from crying. *even right now my eyes are watery T.T*

Photo source : Google Images

"Ya Allah, ampunilah aku dan kedua ibu bapaku dan kasihanilah keduanya sebagimana mereka mengasihani aku sejak kecil"

I don't know what happened but suddenly the thought of having them for all these while was a blessing, a gift from God for me and I wonder whether I've done enough to repay them for their endless love and kindness. And on top of that, whether the past 20 years of living, how much I've hurt them and disappointed them and yet they still forgive and love me. God, I missed them so much. 

I remembered my conversation with my mother few years back when my youngest brother was only one year old. I asked her whether or not she was undecided to keep the baby when she found out she was pregnant because she was 42 at that time, and it was kind of risky actually. But then she said,

"Mama tahu bahaya tapi Allah lagi Maha Mengetahui. Macam mana kalau anak Mama yang Mama kandung sekarang ni yang akan bawa kebahagiaan kepada Mama, yang akan mendoakan kesejahteraan Mama? Alhamdulillah, anak Mama ramai, inshaAllah akan jadi 6 orang tapi Mama tak tahu antara 6 orang ni, yang mana yang akan sentiasa doakan Mama masa Mama dah tak ada nanti."

And my dad always told me this hadith,

and he pressed on the word 'virtuous desendant'. 

"Ingat Along, anak yang soleh yg mendoakannya. Bukannya anak yg mendoakannya. Soleh tu penting."

May it be distance, time or anything that separate us from our parents, never ever fail to recite this supplication for them. Not to forget to always love them and do good deeds for them :)

May Allah always give protection to our parents and save them from any harm. May Allah have mercy upon them as they had mercy upon me when I am small. May Allah give us guidance to become a righteous son/daughter and give us reminder to always pray for our parents. Say Aminn.

Praised Allah for the good written in this post and I am sorry for any mistakes that came from me.
Have a lovely day ahead friends,
Take care.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Film Review

Hi! Good morning guise! 

So, as my title suggest, I want to make some film reviews, well more like I want to suggest a few movies that are worth watching. I'm just going to list a few and I'll save some more for later.

1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011) 

I watched this film on Stan, which I got a free subscription after signing in for Optus. But anyway, the film is about a young kid who has lost his father and went on for a search for a meaning to a key. A key that he found in his dad's closet. This kid, Oskar, went on looking for the final message he thought his dad left him.

I'm not going to reveal any spoilers here though, so I am just going to tell you that this movie deserve to be on my recommended list. It's heartbreaking to see a young kid, seeking the meaning of life, trying to make sense things that doesn’t make sense.

I was touched watching this movie though, especially during the end of the movie, the scene between Oskar and his mum. Probably because I unconsciously put myself in her position, oh well, mum cries when kids said things like that, you know.

Anyway, if you want to enjoy this movie, try to put yourself in any of the character's shoes and you'll get what I mean, not the father though, 'cause you'll die in the first half an hour. Haha, so try Oskar or his mother. 

2. The Confirmation (2015)

About kid, Anthony, who has to stay with his alcoholic father while his mother went on holiday with her new husband. This movie is not much about the cinematography or the emotion, it seemed much more real. However, I like the scripts. There are scenes when the script lighted the light bulb in my mind, haha. For example, the scene when the father thought Anthony about the terms in carpentry.

"See that chair? Someone built that chair. It's not just one person, several people helped. Remember that. Real people. When you go over a bridge, think about what it took to build that bridge."


"Ever think about the people about who made your appearance? Think about them."

However, there are some things that should not be taken into consideration from this movie. Like stealing and lying. But never mind that, there are kindness in this movie. How the guy actually walked away after looking at the life of the people who stole his stuff and he forgive them.

How both of them actually tried to go through life after one problem and one problem. How they stayed positive while life is getting difficult. Though, this movie is kind of slow but you'll like the storyline. 

3. Room (2015)

This film is about a young mother who has been living in a room for 7 years with her child, Jack, because some crazy maniac took her when she was a young girl. I gotta say, this movie is emotionally tiring. It was kind of depressing and sad movie but it worth a watch for people who needed a different perspective in life.

I've read this book long time ago and I can make sense the storyline. The pain and struggle to be stuck in a room, in a box is really real. Not that I can't imagine how she's been able to go through it. I've forgotten the scripts but I like that one scene when Jack gave his hair to his mother so that she can get stronger. How amazing a mind of young kid can be sometimes.

I just realised, of all the movies I've listed above, all of them were about a kid. Haha, I guessed I like the point of view of kid. They are so pure and honest and they has not been tainted with any ugly truth about people and life. Have a go for these movies and feel free to tell me what you think about them or even suggest me new movies to watch, haha.

Till then, have a good Sunday peeps, BYE!