Sunday, October 11, 2015

Of 21-st birthday celebration

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Alhamdulillah I was given the opportunity to be 21 (: Alhamdulillah for 21 years of blessed life. I was so blessed to have loving family, great friends and so many more that if I list them down, I won’t have time to talk about other stuffs huhu.

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What initiated this blog post was when my friend said this to me,

“Sab, kawan-kawan kau best lah sab! Bertuahnya kau.”

And her words got me startled for a bit.

Last night, we had a simple celebration but I enjoyed till the very last bit of it. It was just a dinner together and an hour of watching fireworks and lepak-ing. But it was enough for me,really. Many people might not know this but I am that kind of people who recognized small little things and appreciate thoughts more than materials. I was not really into fancy stuffs, so having dinner with friends and spending time together for a while was enough for me.

Then again, she reminded me of how I should really be thankful with my friends here in Sydney. Allah planned the best for me since I came to Sydney alone with nobody I knew and He guided me to meet these beautiful souls and made them my friends  (: I have friends who are willing to go find cake for me even though it was a last minute plan, who gather up others to celebrate my birthday though having pile of assignments to do, who still spend time watching fireworks with me even though they are tired from futsal in the morning, who really tried to cheer me up for the whole day, who try to make me feel special and appreciated, who still come all the way from a long journey just to say Happy Birthday to me and not to forget those that are miles away, still remembers me. Really, I am so happy to known these amazing people in my life.

I’d really don’t want to brag but I have great company here haha and pretty much everywhere else haha. I really hope I can be their best buddies that I can be there for them every time they needed company. 

For my birthday, I initially planned for a low-profile-chilling birthday celebration given the circumstances everyone is busy since exam is in a month but I guessed the plan failed. Haha. Had a good night actually.  For more pictures, please check out my Instagram or vsco. Huhu.

“So, what do you feel now that you are 21?”

HAPPY and TRULY BLESSED. I don’t really know what to say. Being 21 allows me to do so many other things. But yeah, I keep on thinking about responsibilities as well. As you aged, you need to have more knowledge, be more responsible, more mature, more sincere, wiser, etc. I really hope my 21 years of blessed life before this were not wasted with too many unnecessary stuffs. Hm. Besides for the fact we already got the certificate for pre-marital course and can proceed to other stuffs like sending application to JPA to get married ahhahaha. Okay, no, not yet. Got plenty of room to improve myself. So, not yet. LOL.

Okay, back to the topic, hihi.

“Having a few friends is enough, as long you know who your friends are.”

Sometimes, I am a little bit jealous with people who know a lot of people, who has a lot of friends but then again I give a thought back and yeah, how many would really spend time for you and be there when you needed company the most? Mama and abah, they don’t really have a lot of friends. When we organised a feast or any ‘kenduri’, I’ll be seeing the same faces, a few same faces. And both my parents they don’t really hang out with friends, they spend time together but only with a few that I recognised for so long as I can remember. Back then, I can’t understand when my mum told me she doesn’t have a lot friends. I mean, she lived for 40 years, how could she don’t have friends. But now I think I got it. Being an acquaintance is not the same as being a friend. So I guess the idea is to keep your circle of friends small. Because these friendships, they should really be taken care of and if you are not naturally a –people-person *like me* then, you should really be careful not to get too excited in getting a long list of friends, without trying to be a good friend.

Your friend is the reflection of who you are. I really like this statement actually since you can look who you are from you friends, from who you spend time with, talk to, hang out with etc. Personally for me, I’ve got plenty of good friends. I can see how kind and sincere my friends are; I hope I can give the same reflection for them. Of how they reflect myself is important but what’s more important is that whether I’ve done a good job in reflecting themselves.

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I remembered watching Nouman Ali Khan’s video last year, he talked about types of friends mentioned in the Quran. There are 10 types of them. He listed down all 10 and briefly described what situation and so forth. You should really go check that out but what caught my mind was that, “Don’t get excited categorising your friends but rather focus on what kind of friend you should be.”

I guess what matters most is yourself. If your inner self is good, inshaAllah you’ll display a good physical appearance as well as good personality. I hope we’ll get to know better of ourselves and know where to improve ourselves. May all of us can be a good friend. (:

Finally, to end this post, lets try our best to be a better friend to our friends? Together? *smiles*


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p/s: maybe the idea is to be content with you life

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