Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sometimes we forget to thank those who were giving

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I always noticed this;

We tend to listen to people who didn’t want to tell us anything and ignore the ones who always telling us stuff AND we tend to tell those who didn’t care and hide from those who cared.

It has been bugging me for quite some time actually. I’ve been thinking how these phenomenon seems to be quite normal and ordinary since everyone seems to be doing it, including me. The only times when I realised this is whether I was being unheard when I told something important to him/her or when I realised I lost my focus during a conversation with somebody.

And I realised most of the time, these were caused by distractions from our phones. I’ve been experiencing it lately. When people actually talked to me but they keep looking at their phones (I have to admit I did that as well sometimes) and were distracted to what I am saying. For a few times, it was not a big deal but sometimes it makes me lose respect to these people, lost my trust to them. I don’t know about other people but I keep on telling myself to work on it, to stay focused on whatever the other person is telling me without getting distracted.

And sometimes, I had this feeling that doing a multitasking job is not very efficient if you are not good at it. For example, you are doing your report/assignment/essay while talking to somebody. I sometime think that people keep forgetting what’s important and what’s not but just juggling between them on the very basis of multitasking.

I can see if you are washing dishes while on the phone, that’s pretty acceptable but to cook while on the phone is another thing, especially when the one talking to you is talking about something important and not just having a small conversation with you.

I am not trying to blame anybody here or saying that people who didn’t listen attentively are bad or whatnot, it is just that this habit is not really what we should practice. It is really bad when somebody is telling you their concerns and problems and you were not giving your full attention to it. It is really frustrating, really when somebody you expect to listen didn’t actually be bothered.

*****Somehow, I think this post is becoming more personal. =…= sorry, I was having some difficulties in writing my thoughts in order that’s why I can sense some unnecessary emotions there.*****

Anyway, things to think about; who am I telling to and should be listening to? Should they be the same person or not? Who did I ignored? Who was worth telling to and not? Who care and who didn’t? Who wanted my attention and deserves them?

These things, should really be properly examined. You might be neglecting people who cared, who are sincerely caring for you and not wanting anything in return. These sincere people who are nice to you because they nice, without any hidden agendas. I hope you can find those gems and would realise who are not. Because sometimes, I think we have been chasing something that’s not our to begin with and were ignorant enough to realise that we are letting go things that are truly ours. It is not wrong to chase our dreams and hopes, but make sure we secure what we owned properly and never ever forget and neglect what/who has always been there for us and with us.

I hope you will treasure what you have, and be thankful.

Live simply, love generously, care deeply, and speak kindly.’

Sometimes we forget to thank those who gave, so be thankful.

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p/s: might be taking up philosophy or
psychology for free electives. hm

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