Sunday, August 21, 2016

optimistic or in denial

"Ada orang kata kalau makan benda masam, then kita cakap yang benda tu manis, kita optimistik. kalau kita cakap benda tu masam, maksudnya kita pessimist"

'Tapi tu bukan macam tipu diri sendiri ke? Kalau masam, kenalah cakap benda tu masam kan? Saying that it is sweet wouldn't change the fact it is sour.'


1 comment:

  1. Yes, saying otherwise won't change the actual fact. but perhaps we should learn to embrace the fact that it's sour, and perhaps learn to like sour tastes from now on (if we can, haha of course each human being has his/her own likings. So if you can't, then opt for something else :)?)? (Am i being optimistic here? haha)

    Plus, associating something with 'negativity' doesn't always mean that you're a pessimist. It could just indicate that 'sour taste' doesn't suit you and that's it. Whereas there could be some people who are not in favour of 'sweet things' and they interpret/view it as something bad for them. So are we ought to say they're pessimists too? It's a matter of accepting opinions and perceptions from different people and also how certain groups conform on certain things i think.
    Maybe, haha. I might be wrong. Also, I might have steered away from the topic and have talked about something else completely. LOL!