Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Of friends

Hello :D 

Last week has been a little bit overwhelming for me. My stress level has achieved the peak, with having nosebleed every day for the past week as well as having headaches from time to time. I don't take it negatively as I see it as a sign that I am turning a year older and the fact that I like my birthday very much, allows me to see it positively. So yeah, I like today's date a lot; 10th October. 

Firstly because the date is so perfect, it's like 10 out of 10 so 10/10. Easy to remember as well haha. 

But the main and very important reason why I like this date because, on this time of the year, I'll be given a direct reminder that I have been blessed. My life is full of souls, beautiful souls and I should have never complained or wanted for more. I am not saying that not having people to wish you happy birthday is a bad thing, it just that, small things made me happy. I don’t need people to give me surprise birthday party to be happy (*though I'll be excited about that!*) but yeah, simple things like a long lost friend, spending three hours exchanging stories with you just to be the last person to wish you at 11.59 pm Malaysian time, or even a quick call, wishing me happy birthday instead of texting and instead of commenting on picture of myself, they pm me to wish me :) Simple gestures that sort of surprised me a little bit including my brother's wish, haha he wrote 'HB kaklong' on one the picture posted by my friend. And mum, she forgot the dates, she thought today was my birthday, lol. No wonder I didn’t get anything from her because usually, she'll be among the first to wish me. Haha. 

I am bragging about my life now but ohwells, bear with me haha. I've got two birthday cakes this year! Alhamdulillah. It's really remarkable when a person you know, don't fancy cooking dessert or cakes or baking actually bakes for you! She even made pretty decorations on the cake. Gila lah kalau tak terharu! Terharu gilaaa, rasa nak menangis je sebab terharu tapi macam tak tough and cool so haha, eh jap, english english lol. Yeah, I am super blessed to have you as my housemate. Thanks Chim! I really appreciate everything you did for me. :D I hope the best for you and pray that your journey in getting your Ph.D. would be blessed and Allah would make it easier for you :) say Amiin guys! Her name is Hasyimah Mohd Amin and I would hope that after reading this sentence you would pray for her success in getting her Ph.D. done on time and wonderfully. Thanks heap people :) 

I remember last year I've posted the same blog post saying about having a small circle of friends is very important and I still agree with that thinking. One of the reasons why I hide my birthday on Facebook, because I don’t want people to be reminded of the day by a social media algorithm. Some might not agree with me and says that birthday is a special day, but hey, it doesn’t have to be birthdays then only you can do something special for someone. You don't have to find reasons to do something special for someone. As long as you want to make her/him happy, then just do it if you think the action would make her/him happy. Though, it's good to have one day just dedicated for people wishing you. Maybe I am just a shy introvert who don’t like too much attention hehe 

Anyway last night, after a meal with a friend, she generously bought me dinner, she told me her stories about her knowing a lot of people. She said it made her feel good and she enjoyed it. That's when I thought, maybe not all of us can keep a small circle of friends. Interesting how she started sharing stories about people she met. There's this one particular incident that caused her to feel humiliated but then for me, I would feel disappointed instead. I guess not all of us perceive the same thing the same way ey? 

My post, this time, is sort of all over the place, probably because I didn’t write all these continuously. And maybe because this is just how my head is at the moment; untidy and connected and disconnected here and there. I'll get it tidied up in a bit, maybe hihi 

Anyway, another interesting thing I thought worth sharing is that a friend told me, 'remember that you are not old. It's just that your level are up'. My level is up, I am assuming that he is talking based on games, so if you level is up, that challenges increased but at the same time you have more powers, experiences and tricks. Told this to a friend and she came up with this, "so if we die, it's game over. Then, we start over in the next 'game', the Akhirah." Though you should never use the exact term 'playing' in your life or even consider this life as a game, this life is not a game like the games we played on a computer. This is not an excellent analogy on life, by the way, just one way to see it. Haha, I am no good at explaining this. Sorry people. 

Anyway, to all my friends reading this post, I love you. I believed that we've been destined to be friends and Allah has allowed it to happen and I thanked Him for that. So grateful to have you, yes you, as my friend and I could never ask for something else. To many more years of friendship, inshaAllah :) 

I might be ditching this blog for a while to focus on my studies; since my exam starts 8th Nov till 18th Nov and my parents and brothers are coming here this weekend wuhuuuuuu~ 

You take care alright?

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