Sunday, February 19, 2017

Three friends at Katoomba

Here's a story of three companions; Precious, Wealthy and Patience. 

It was a sunny Sunday and the three of them decided to go for a bushwalk in Katoomba. All three of them left their home at 7 something in the morning and meet up at the Central Station around 8 am. To their surprise, there are some track works going on so they have replaced the trains with buses. Funny how Patience was the one who showed the most disapproval of this. However, they still went to the bus stop and waited for the bus. 

In the bus, they were separated; each sitting beside a stranger and none of them actually have a conversation with the other person. The bus crossed the Anzac bridge and move on the highway and it took around one hour to reach Penrith, where they have to take another one-hour trip to reach their destination, by train, this time. 

They sat together on the train and started talking. The conversation keeps going on with everyone telling their kind of story. How different they were when they were young, of how the way they were brought up and so many other things. Three of them started to get to know each other better. 

Then they arrived at Katoomba and they started walking towards Three Sisters Lookout Point. Since they are so many people there, they just walked a little bit there and continue to go to the Great Stairwell, which has 300 steps going down from the top. It was kind of challenging since it is very steep and both Patience and Wealthy felt that as if their knees are shaking when they reached the end of the stairs. 

After sitting for a while they continued walking along the Prince Henry Walk to the Scenic World. 

Oh yes, they ate a banana each to regain their energy after walking down those steep stairs. Then, they continue walking, talking only a little, probably because they are afraid that talking too much would cause them to feel tired faster. Not that they didn’t talk at all, they did talk. About what? Well, go and ask them if you insist on knowing. 

Anyway, the highlight of this story was when they reached the old mine and they have to walk up to go to the Scenic World Centre (but really, they should have taken the Scenic Railway ride) instead, they chose to go up via Furber Steps. Little did they knew, it was a hard track. And Patience, ironically cannot be patience anymore with the pain, Patience had to stop several times. It was fortunate that Wealthy and Precious are very kind and patient to wait for Patience. 

Patience was struggling to climb up with the other two and sometimes when Patience stopped, Patience saw the view as something personal. As Wealthy and Precious are climbing the stairs pretty easily and without any struggle, Patience made a reflection. 

What reflection? 

Patience didn't tell what it was but what Patience did mention is that Patience needs to change. Patience realized that if Patience stays at the current pace, Patience would be left behind and would never be able to reach them again. Patience did a lot of thinking of how blessed each of them is, how they have grown. She has a lot of jobs to do if she wants to keep up with her friends, Patience doesn't want them to slow down because of her. She needs to change and do something, faster.

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  1. Whatever change you feel like doing, I pray that Allah will always give you guidance, ease and strength to do so. Your name will be a good motivation for you to keep going, despite the circumstances you're going through. May you gracefully grow to be the best person you can be inshaAllah. Amin
    P/s: I really miss this bushwalk, the conversations we had on the bus, and train �� And especially the night that we went to broadway wearing pyjamas, just to get a jar of mayo! Haha