Friday, March 31, 2017

Emphasizing the relationship

circa 2016 Circular Quay

I think family is exceptional. You have to emphasize family ties, that's for sure. It'll be weird to recommend your daughter to a friend without clearly mentioning that she is your daughter. Well, you ought to be proud of her anyway that's why you recommend her in the first place. Right? Wrong? I don’t know, don’t have a daughter yet but I hope if I am given the chance to have kids, I hope I am going to be proud of my kids. (Okay, we're off track now, let's go back haha) 

Let say you want to promote a cause/campaign which is done by you and your best friend. So, do you highlight that you and your best friend are doing it? Not just you and your friend. I would be honored if somebody were to claim that I am their best friend because yeah, it's cool. But what if someone else gets offended by that kind of claim? What if you have a lot of close friends and all of them wanted to be your best friend? And when you decided to publicly announce one of them as your best friend, what if the other friendships somehow did not work out? However, if you did not emphasize it, then they said they didn't have enough recognition, wait, do people do that nowadays? Haha. But anyway, what do you think? 

Huh? Still don't get what I am trying to say? Haha okay, next example; 

So, let say you have a boyfriend or maybe a girlfriend, and you want to recommend him/her to your colleague. Would you mention your relationship status with him/her? It is either; 

a) "Hey, my boyfriend is looking for a job too. I think he is suitable for this position." 

b) "Hey, my friend is looking for a job too. I think he is suitable for this position." 

It just that, it always crosses my mind that being a girlfriend/boyfriend does not make you a lot special than friends. Haha, now I think nobody wants to be my boyfriend hahaha lol. And yes, I am more inclined to choose option b) Well yeah because I have no boyfriend to go with option a) hahaha kidding! *No, not kidding, I DO not have a boyfriend* 

Anyway, this is just a random question. Maybe you have your own opinion on this though. Feel free to share them with me, if you feel like it. 


p/s: sorry the picture is not quite related but I am feeling that my blog is lacking of photos so yeah.

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