Sunday, July 23, 2017

Things I learnt from human beings called 'friends'

"I believed that friends come and go in our life. And that God allowed them into our lives to teach us something and when that's done, our responsibilities to each other are done and we say goodbyes."

I once, hold to that very tightly. I believed that a friendship will eventually end whenever the intended purpose is being realized. I honestly and shallowly think that once broken friendship can never be amended and that that is just a sign for new friendships. In essence that once I learned something from someone, it can be about patience, social skills, cooking and everything, it's done. I should no longer put so many efforts in maintaining the friendship because, just because I guess. 

Those are no longer what I hold onto though. I am learning more and more about the art of being a good friend, which requires a ton of efforts from myself, an awkward-conflicting-human being. To those who knew me well, I am not a person who express my emotions or feelings by speaking them to you. I like to keep my feelings and thoughts to myself, or I'll write. That's why sometimes people misunderstood my actions I guess, especially when they didn't know me enough. And this attitude is not normal in nowadays relationships/friendships. But I told myself, I'll try to keep up. 

Sending off a friend last night, made me reflect on a lot of things. This girl has taught me a lot of things. And she's still here in my life and I still got to call her whenever I needed a talk. Her compassion for others are limitless and beyond my limited capacity to follow, but she still teaching me that, without intention I guess. And I am glad. You know that feeling when someone is kind to you and you felt compelled to give something in return? Well, this girl, she doesn’t give me that vibe and I have absolutely no idea how she does that. Probably that's one of the things I am still learning from her. Amazing how humble people can show us a lot of positive attitudes right?

Another friend repeatedly reminds me to be grateful of people I am surrounded with. She once told me, "It a good feeling right? Knowing that people love being around with us and they keep wanting to go out with us." Those words affected more than I can ever imagine. Since I've been complaining that I am tired of hanging out with my friends and kept blaming my introvert side while it is just my ungrateful-self that does not want to push myself more for others. This lady little did she knew is that I look up to her. If I were to list the things I learned from her specifically, I'm gonna have to dedicate a very long post on it. So yeah, I hope you can pray the best for her.

Oh here's another. I've made a new friend last April. This is a well, unexpected friendship stumbled upon Instagram and blogs? Haha but anyway, even though in only a few months, he already taught me something big, something foreign for myself. He told me repeatedly not to have expectations in life. He reminded me, I don’t know if he realized this, but he did remind me the importance not to beat myself too much when things do not go to plan. To lower my expectations and that'll make me a happier person :) I guessed that this is one of the way God teaching me on how to be content with life. 

Friends walking across Sydney Harbour Bridge 
There are so many indescribable feelings that I get from each person I bumped into, unimaginable lessons I obtained just being in the presence of these people and so much, so many things, that sometimes are overwhelming but alhamdulillah, it is all in a good way.

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