Thursday, December 1, 2022

Nicknames and their values

As of late I kept seeing people referring public figures "Tok Abah", "Abah", "Ummi" while adoring these people. Well, I feel like I have to say my stand on this haha (even though nobody asked, but why not?)

I disliked it. Very very much. I feel that these nicknames are really unnecessary. 

I remembered before, someone asked me to called her "Mama", because she wanted to build a close connection with us students. Especially when we are away from our family. But I just could not. I would always refer her as my teacher and name, I just could not comprehend calling someone unrelated to me, a stranger, no ties whatsoever (except as muslim), "Mama". I mean, when I address someone as "Mama", she has to be my mother, whom I will always always respect, love unconditionally and yeah, nobody can replace that. 

Same goes to calling politician "Abah", I mean come on, that's like so unprofessional and cringey on so many levels. Just keep in formal. Unless you really wanna marry his daughter/son then I think okaylah. 

That's all I wanna share.


On another note, I am trying to draw. This is just to record my first flower hehe.

Take care everyone!

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