Saturday, August 15, 2015

How a friendship ends?

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Assalamualaikum and good morning.

How are you guys been? Good, hopefully. (:
This is my third attempt in updating the blog *yeah felt like a failure since I can’t even update my blog, the thing should be easy peasy. Hah!* Anywayyyyy, it has been 3 weeks plus minus 2 3 days since I’ve gotten back from Malaysia anddddd a lot are going on for me. Pheww. *note that while I’m typing this I am actually procrastinating on a video. Opss :o*
I’m not so sure of what to write here actually, so I’m just going with the flow. Hihi.  Aha! Got it. I’m gonna babble for a few minutes about friendship. Hiks.
Okay, so yesterday, a friend actually posted a picture on his Instagram asking what does ‘a friend’ means. Well, I am not going to answer that **sorry if you were excited for the answer to the question xp** however, something else crossed my mind.

How a friendship ends?

I’ve always wonder about this. I knew tonnes, I mean like seriously tonnes of people claiming that they’ll be friends forever but they are not talking to each other anymore. And it keeps me wondering if that is still considered being friends?
Once, a friend told me, “somebody, someone appears in your life to teach you something, and when it is done, they’ll be gone.”
Well, based in this sentence it does imply that there circumstances that two people can only know each other for a period of time. However, the phrase ‘they’ll be gone’, is that mean when they leave you to live their life without acknowledging your existence or they just died?
I personally knew a lot of people since I moved a lot, like really, I’ve got three schools in standard one, haha, which most of my friends I can’t even remember now. Sorry guys, I bet you don’t remember me as well! So the thing is, after all these years being friends with my friends, I still can’t see myself as a ‘good’ friend, it feels like something is missing. **this seems like outta context, let just ignore this**
So, there are couple of people whom I’ve known since standard six and we are still close like we used to, but there are also a few lot that don’t talk to me anymore, eh no, that I don’t talk to them anymore. Most likely because of distance but I still remember them, there’ll be no argument on this though. But I’ve noticed from time to time, those people still keep track of each other and sometimes, do say ‘hi’ to another. At least they wished each other ‘happy birthday’ and ‘selamat hari raya’.
I used to tell this friend of mine that I think I’ve lost a friend and he would say something like “I’ve never lose a friend, I always keep in touch with them”. Okay, to be honest, his response made me feel a lot more sad and feel so bad about it, but it made me thought of something as well – of how did I decided that “I’ve lost a friend”. Where’s the finishing line? Where’s the end? What’s the indicator?
And then, during Eid the other day, that friend actually texted me and asked how I’ve been doing lately. So, it has never ended. Though it feels superbly weird that we’re so so close and somehow things happened and we don’t talk often, I’ve just gotta believe that we’re still friends and it is okay to text each other from time to time. And sometimes, if we stopped talking ‘cause of a fight, throughout time, I still think that we should forgive each other and at least let go of the grudges.
So, how did friendship ends? Death? – A good friend always pray for another even after his friend’s death. Distance? – There’s a thing called sincere effort that tries to stay connected even though separated by distance. Wealth? Time? Destiny? Love? *oh, this one I don’t know, but boy-girl friendship can be quite complicated hihi* Work? Status?

Well, I don’t know really how a friendship would end. Do you?

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p/s: I’m so happy I managed to post this one.

Yeay for having yogurt for breakfast.

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