Wednesday, September 2, 2015


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In the name of Allah

I was reading a friend's blog, it was pretty. It reminds me of a feel when I used to blog in the old days. Blog hunting and blog hopping during those nights that I can't sleep.

So, right now, I'm trying to finish a book, 'What I talk about when I talk about running" by Haruki Murakami. It was a decent book, suggested by a good friend of mine, Elia Nadira. It is just a normal book, talking about running, marathon, ultramarathon etc. I was reading a chapter when the writer actually talks about how he writes to keep his thoughts in order. I was a little bit absorbed with this idea 'cause the very reason why I decided to not write is because my thoughts are all over the places and I just can't help having my stuffs mixed up.

So, when he mentioned that he wrote to make his thoughts in clearer view and in order, I started to have doubts, no, not doubts, but hope. Yes, I have to have hope. I started to believe that I can try to organise my thoughts if I continue to write. I will never ever be able to organise my thoughts if I do nothing to do that. I mean, if writing is one of the practice to keep your thoughts in proper order, why should I stay away from it? Hence, here I am; trying to write a good sensible blog post about how I decided to write again.

A couple of days ago, I feel asleep on the couch in the living room, I guessed I was just too tired from classes and stuffs. So, the next morning, after waking up for Fajr, I did not go back to sleep, I decided to have breakfast and while having breakfast, I watched Nouman Ali Khan’s video on ‘Discovering your identity’. In the video, he was talking based on a verse from Al-Isra’, verse 83. Here’s the link to the video,

It was a 24-min video, yet I found it very inspiring and motivating. Nouman

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Sorry for the interruption; I was writing when friends came to me just now, as I was actually sitting in Carslaw learning hub, a 24-hour study group section in University of Sydney. So I had to stop what I was doing and catch up a little bit with my friends.
Anyway, as I was saying just now, Nouman mentioned about how much we have to DO SOMETHING in order to find ourselves.

“Until you put yourself to work, you’re not gonna discover who you are”

This simple sentence wakes me up; I need to do something, I should not just stop doing things when I THINK I can’t do it. Hence, I will not stop doing things anymore. But, I’ll do it slowly, I won’t rush into things. I won’t get too excited. I’ve promised myself, I’m gonna do things one-by-one.

Hence, here I am. Doing things I love, though I realized that I have a long way to go in order to write good stuffs, to produce a decent writing, to inspire others and to touch people’s hearts. I still got long way to go, and yeah, I’m gonna go do it. I am going through this, whatever happens.

I’ll read more, I listen more, I write more and I’ll do more mistakes, different mistakes so that I can learn more. If Allah wills, of course.

Till then peeps, I gotta go! Back to learning semiconductor thingy again! Yeay. *wears the glass of an electrical engineering student*


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p/s: I’m so not gonna stop baking

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