Thursday, December 10, 2015

A walk to Glebe Library

It was Thursday afternoon when she went to the university to meet someone just to find out that somebody is not there. It’s fine, she’ll come again tomorrow. She then proceeded to the computer lab to send an email to the office, telling them she wanted to meet them and planning to set an appointment. She surfed the net, from looking for casual works till online shopping when she suddenly get excited and opened up a new tab. 

She typed ‘Sydney Council Library’ and a list of websites came out. She clicked on the first link and started looking for something, clicking here and there and then she found it. ‘Membership for council library’. Well, she got two options, applying online or visiting any of the libraries. She contemplated for some time then she closed all the browser and log off and walked out from the lab.

She walked towards Broadway along the City Road, well she wanted to buy some groceries but then she didn’t stop at Broadway yet she keep on walking towards Glebe. She recalled seeing the Glebe Library somewhere near the Glebe Market that she went last Saturday so she decided to walk there.

Only to found out that the library was quite far away especially when the road was going uphill. As the sun is really sunny, she was panting a little bit. ‘Need to exercise after this’, she whispered to herself. She could have just taken a bus there but she needed the walk. She wanted to see things and stop worrying too much. So she plugged in her earphones, playlists on. She basically didn’t pay attention to what song is playing but she just needed the background music.

She walked and walked, glancing at the shops along Glebe Point Road while remarking a few shops that she’s going to come again later. There are a few bookshops that catch her eyes but she refrained herself from entering because she needed to go to the library quickly before it closes, as well as she afraid she might get a little too excited and buy a new book. So she keep on walking and looking for the library and then she stopped because she felt she have walked far enough that the library should be around there and suddenly there’s a voice in her head that told her to go back home. She was fighting this little battle of keep going or giving up for a few seconds, and she continued. She walked up straight for less than 5 minutes and the library was on her left. Luckily she didn’t give up. Or else it’ll be a waste of time and energy walking so far just to give up when the ending is just a little bit more.

She went inside and look around. She went to DVDs and CDs section since she already had a lot of books at home needed to be read, so she really don’t want to pile up some more. After having a few CDs to borrow on mind, she went to the counter to sign up for membership. Then, the lovely lady brought her to a computer and ask her to sign up online. She smiled to herself thinking of how she could have done it earlier in the lab. But she filled up the form quickly and settled with the registration. She went to pick up the CDs she wanted to borrow and get out from that place. She’ll definitely come back, well she borrowed the CDs, obviously she have to return them back.

Anyway, after too much walking and her feet starting to ache, she decided for a bus ride home. She already took off her earphones when entering the library and didn’t plan on plugging them on again. She watched people around her and observed the beauty of each individuals. She saw the tall tree that she saw on her way to the library, it was so tall yet so close to the house. So it needed some extra support to make sure it does not fall on the house, or so she guessed.

Nonetheless, she was glad she decided to walk to the library, happy that she got the new membership now that she can go to any council library and borrow some stuffs. She smiled and happily walk home after finishing her groceries shopping. Glad she didn’t give up, surely it does a big impact on herself as she really needed a lot of good support these days. She’s totally on the verge of giving up but she has to keep going. As her friend was saying,

‘Don’t let the rough journey obscures your sight from your true destination.’

She keep on smiling and thanked for a good day.

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