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#repost: your problems are not mine

In the name of Allah

Alhamdulillah, last night we had sister’s circle again. K tak, usrah.haha,sama kot maksudnya (: anyway, here I just want to share some thing that I found very very interesting (though most of you guys already knew about this) but I still want to share (:

We have our own problems

Yeah, enough said right? I mean, all of us has our own problems. It just that, sometimes we tends to say things like;

 “Your problem is like very easy compared to mine!You should be thankful lady!”

 “Why is she whining about simple stuff? Come on,there are other more important stuffs to think of like the issues in Egypt and Palestine”

“Chill la bro, masalah kecik je kot. Kau nak gelabah apasal?”

Okay, I’ll be lying if I said I have never encounter those kind of thoughts. Well I think it is quite safe to say, most of us at least once have this kind of impression when people tell they have a problem.

The thing is most of us didn’t realized that each of us has own potentials, strengths and weaknesses. Hence Allah has given each of us things based on our capability. As stated in the Al Quran;

“Allah does not charge a soul except[ with that within ] its capacity………..”                           2:286

Hence, we should not simply judge other people’s feeelings towards a problem ‘cause we will never knew how she/he felt until we are in their position. Yes, we try to understand them so that we can give them comfort and some kind of assurance, that’s good. I mean, that is a very good intention. Though, to say that we completely understood their position is too much I think unless you have experienced it before.

On the other hand, what I want to stress here is that we should not compare our problems. I mean, I can have a problem with my studies which might not be a problem to my friends, and they might have a problem with their relationship which I don’t have any. For this situation, I cannot say my problem is worse than theirs ‘cause what I had in my plate is different than theirs.

One wise thing that you should do when you have people telling you ‘simple’ stuffs is to listen to them ‘cause it can be the other way round, what you think is a minority might be a major thing for them. Obviously when you had your own problem, you want people to listen to you as well right? Er no? Then, this doesn’t apply to you la. Hehe.

Face your own problems with your own weapons

Some people have their own ways in handling things. You cannot simply follow their ways ‘cause it might not suit you. For example, you want to get straight As in your exams and you saw your senior staying up all night and succeed in getting straight As. Then you think that staying up all night is the best way to get straight As and you start to work on that. Well, not everybody can work late night. I mean, your body might not be able to handle staying up late or even your brain. You might get tired the next morning and then screw up your daily activities. So how? Best way is to find your own solutions. Yes, of course you can try their solutions as well, but don’t depend too much on it.

Other than that, people have their own preferences. Some people like to be approached in a ‘soft’ way and some people prefer ‘direct-harsh’ way. So yeah, we have our own preferences. Knowing that, you should respect other people’s preferences as well. Technically, realising that we all have own favourites, we should also come to a sense that we have our own way as well.

I say, push yourself to the limit. Like the song by Corbin Bleu, Push it to the Limit. Hihihi. Like stated above, Allah will not give you something you can’t handle. So if you’re facing a problem, keep remembering that you have a weapon to handle the problem. Sometimes, you might not see it but you can actually handle it. Think positive, and keep calm. Maybe you need to push yourself a bit further than your usual achievement but eventually what happens to you,you would be able to handle and face them.

Too lazy to check since it is too long. Hopefully there are only minor errors. Hihiihi.
Goodnight, sleep well.

p/s: trust is a very important component in a successful relationship
without trust it may lead to obsessive jealousy
lol.bajet terror psl relationship pulak dah

p/s:p/s: congrats if you managed to read all these,you're so patient to finish them
even i can't read it again


This was written on the 22nd of October 2013. Re-reading this makes me thought of how positive and calm I used to be. I can't remember the background to this draft though. Eh no, I got it, I think I remember now. It was when a friend of mine didn't like being labelled as 'hotstuff'.

We used to tease her that since she easily can get along well with the guys and that she knew a lot of people, probably a better,decent word to call her would be people-person. However, thanks to our ignorance and insensitivity, we called her that and at one point, she snapped. She said she hated the term because it means something bad. Another friend was defending herself saying she didn't mean it that way but I kept quiet and hence came this post. Haha. But anyway, I do regret my behaviour to my friend. She was not supposed to be teased like that, I should have known better.

But don't worry, we're all still friends after that. Nonetheless, this is why I thought everyone is having their own struggle. Some might struggle to lose weight, some might struggled to improve their grades and some might struggle to stay away from being accused of falling in love. #eh?

Okay, I think my comment for this post is getting a little bit too lengthy, so until then guise. ADIOS!

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