Monday, January 11, 2016

La Perouse 2016

It was Friday evening. We just finished praying 'Asr when I suggested to go watch the sunset. So here I am, my fourth time here and third to watch sunset. Each time I came here, with different people.

I remembered the first time I came here, a friend brought me and we went to buy hot chocolate and we failed capturing the sunset because it was too cloudy that day. But I had fun that day because it was so random yet I gotta spent the time at the beach with people I knew that enjoy beaches like I do.

The second time I was here was with another close friend. We just finished shopping some new skirts and scarves for our Eid when we suddenly jump into the bus that brought us to La Perouse. What do you know, we prayed at La Perouse with those strong winds accompanying us. Subhanallah, I cannot describe how we were shaking of cold. But the sunset was nice, no, it was remarkably beautiful. I am starting to like sunset even more.

The third time was a visit with a family friend. She brought us here after sending her kids to school. For the first time I went to La Perouse during the day. It was also windy that day. I found out that a part of me enjoyed walking there when there are less people around. I really like that moment.

And then here come today.

Sunset, 08012016

As we sat down and waited for the sunset, there is this unsettling feeling inside me. It is not sadness, probably it is nostalgic. I wasn't thinking of anything in particular when suddenly the thought of a good friend of mine came up, the one I mentioned above; with whom I came to La Perouse for the second time. It was good times and especially when both of the company I had today knows her as well, it made me feel a tiny bit more emotional and vulnerable. But the thought only lasted for few minutes as I slowly stop thinking of anything and just enjoying the view.

Honestly, I am not really in the mood for talking, no I do want to talk but I don't know what to talk about. I keep on failing to keep the conversation going so at one point, I just decided to keep quiet. Better it be that way I guess. So, when those two were talking, I sometimes listen to their conversation and to be honest, they amazed me. Luckily I didn’t sit in the middle; it would have been difficult for me not to be engaged in the conversation as well.

Throughout the conversation, I silently thanked Allah for giving me the opportunity to know these great figures of whom I believed one day would be somebody respectful. One is a writer and another draws. They were talking about life and something important, it was not a simple pep talk. The conversation meant something and I am truly thankful to get the chance to listen to the conversation. I didn't contribute much to the conversation because somehow I couldn’t let out my thoughts in words, so I listen instead.

I can come to sense that the way they think were similar and they were pretty much in sync with each other. Both were very knowledgeable and very strong and knows what they are doing with their life. I can only pray that those spirit and desire inside them would not fade and worst disappear.

I pray that they will always be in care of Allah the Almighty and their way to success would be easy and full of barakah.


p/s: Later that night, the friend that crossed my mind texted me, asking me how I was doing. Amazing how Allah pleased you as He really knows what is inside you; of things you desire and what would make you happy :)

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