Tuesday, April 12, 2016

For Mum and Dad

Assalamualaikum and good evening! :)

I hope in the midst of our busy schedule, you would never forget to pray to Allah and ask Him for His blessings in this Dunya. And also, as a daughter or a son, we should always prayed for the well-being of our parents.

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I remembered there was one time when I was in my boarding school, I was 17 that time and things are getting harder as of my mid-year exam was nearing and I've got ridiculous training schedule for archery and so many other things. So there I was, one evening, I was waiting for Asr prayer in the musolla and they started reciting this Du'aa, more like chanting this Du'aa together. It's more like doing the zikr together in an assembly but instead your were saying this du'aa.

So, as I go along with the supplication in Arabic, I said it out loud and nothing happened actually, most probably because I wasn't really sure what I was saying. And then followed with recitation in Malay, which is the translation. I was repeating the supplication for a few times and then suddenly I cannot stop myself from crying. *even right now my eyes are watery T.T*

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"Ya Allah, ampunilah aku dan kedua ibu bapaku dan kasihanilah keduanya sebagimana mereka mengasihani aku sejak kecil"

I don't know what happened but suddenly the thought of having them for all these while was a blessing, a gift from God for me and I wonder whether I've done enough to repay them for their endless love and kindness. And on top of that, whether the past 20 years of living, how much I've hurt them and disappointed them and yet they still forgive and love me. God, I missed them so much. 

I remembered my conversation with my mother few years back when my youngest brother was only one year old. I asked her whether or not she was undecided to keep the baby when she found out she was pregnant because she was 42 at that time, and it was kind of risky actually. But then she said,

"Mama tahu bahaya tapi Allah lagi Maha Mengetahui. Macam mana kalau anak Mama yang Mama kandung sekarang ni yang akan bawa kebahagiaan kepada Mama, yang akan mendoakan kesejahteraan Mama? Alhamdulillah, anak Mama ramai, inshaAllah akan jadi 6 orang tapi Mama tak tahu antara 6 orang ni, yang mana yang akan sentiasa doakan Mama masa Mama dah tak ada nanti."

And my dad always told me this hadith,

and he pressed on the word 'virtuous desendant'. 

"Ingat Along, anak yang soleh yg mendoakannya. Bukannya anak yg mendoakannya. Soleh tu penting."

May it be distance, time or anything that separate us from our parents, never ever fail to recite this supplication for them. Not to forget to always love them and do good deeds for them :)

May Allah always give protection to our parents and save them from any harm. May Allah have mercy upon them as they had mercy upon me when I am small. May Allah give us guidance to become a righteous son/daughter and give us reminder to always pray for our parents. Say Aminn.

Praised Allah for the good written in this post and I am sorry for any mistakes that came from me.
Have a lovely day ahead friends,
Take care.

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