Thursday, April 21, 2016

Those years we've been living

*When your mind's made up - Glen Hansard*
This is my second attempt in blogging today, I wrote a draft just now and it is full with negative questions. More like me whining on things that are out of my control. Oh well, I guessed sometimes I do have those frustration when dealing with people and life, generally. 

Anwyay, last Monday, it was my best friend's birthday. She is a special soul that knowing her has been a great privilege for me. She turned 22 that day. Thinking about it, I remembered a conversation I had with a friend early this year. We were discussing about our life and suddenly one of us said something like, 

"Kita dah 22 kot tahun ni, dah kena matang. Bukan 20 ke 21, tapi 22," 

What an age right? To turn 22. I know most probably someone older would say something like, 

"Chill, 22 is nothing, wait another 10 years. You'll see how young you were when you are 22." 

I can't deny that, really, but knowing that you are finally turning 22, just kinda scares me a little *well, I am not yet 22 haha* but yeah, 22 is just a figure to make it easier for me to explain. So where I was just now? Oh yes, it scares me a little, ok not, a lot. Knowing that I am getting closer to my death. *pheww aura dak usrah dah keluar kihkih* But yeah, once, a friend sent me a birthday wish saying, 

"So you've lived for 19 years, enough for Jannah?" 


On another note, let me talk you about another thing. Like my friend up there, there's no need to be too worry about what you ought to know at the age you are right know. Yes, you are 22 or 40 but always remember that you have lived those years of your life. Only your life. It is totally fine to not knowing what to do sometimes. Like, when you are 22 and you have absolutely no idea how to make a curry-puff, *sorry, I've been planning to make them for a while now, so haha* it is alright. It is alright because not everybody have the chance to learn how to make them while they are younger. 

It is fine if things you did, do not turned out they way they are supposed to. It is okay if you keep stumbling on failures and felt that life is getting difficult. Life is difficult, nobody said it was gonna be easy. But always remember, things that are worth, usually come with a price. It may be these pain you are currently experiencing, so you have to keep moving on and have perseverance. 

Always remember that the things in your life cannot be found in other people's. It may be similar but never the same, so be grateful and always remember to treasure them well. What you have experienced would never be the same thing for anyone else. And remember that we will always learn something every time. 

*Fallen from the sky - Glen Hansard* 

"You've lived 22 years, what a long time, but hey, it is only been 22 years of your life. There are so many things happening in other people 22 years of living. So chill, you don't have to know everything. It's alright to make mistakes and admit that you don’t know. :)" 

I might be saying things that doesn’t seem to make sense to you but ohwells, sometimes I don't get myself as well. Haha. but to end this post, just remember that you should never restrict yourself from growing and knowing the better of you. 


*Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard*

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