Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Archery 2.0

Hello there. How's your day? Mine is well, thank God. A bit tired with studies and thesis and all so here I am. I saw a post about an archery tournament in Perak so I think I should continue my archery experience. Haha I don't know who'll be interested reading this but I don't care, I just want to write this down :p 

In the last post I stopped at my archery experience in Gombak I think, you can read it here; Archery 

So, during my lower form, that is from when I was 13 till 15 years old, I compete in the tournament every year and did just alright I guess. I only went to the state tournament in my form 2, in 2008 which was held in SMT Sepang. I remembered the experience there very much actually. Since, I've got most of my seniors, that are so kind and nice and my girlfriends who are so cool as well, and my juniors! Haha senang cerita, semua orang baik and best waktu tu. And hahaha Fk was there too. So funny especially remembering when my coaches were like, "Oh Sab dah ada coach dia sendiri." when he was referring to FK since FK is an official state athlete already. And yeah, during that year, I learned a lot about teammates and had a very good time there, though I didn’t win any medal. I guess I was a bit distracted with everything else hahaha. 

Team Gombak 2008, MSS Selangor

Gombak still got first place though, all thanks to those state archers that joined our team. Now that I think about it, during archery is when I started to be friends with older guys haha. That's funny though but older guys are cooler sometimes, they are all good friends haha. Anyway, coming back to archery, it was an okay tournament but one of the highlights is the under-18 guys team. They are Mior, Aidil, Muhammad and FK. When it was the final olympic round, as in a battle of one-to-one for team category, I still remember how everyone was crazily supporting the team and but they didn’t get first place I think haha. 

Then, come 2009. Year when I have to sit for my PMR and yet, I still join the tournament but I didn’t get any medals at all. My performance dropped like soo badddddd, was so frustrated with myself that year. Anyhow, it was for the best since then I got to stay focused on my studies. 

MSSD 2009

Then, I think the highlight of my archery career was when I studied in SMS Bagan Datoh. I was the second batch and so, I was the founder of the school's team. I was doing all I can to make the life in boarding school bearable hence the muka-tak-malu-pergi-jumpa-cikgu-tanya-pasal memanah-and-minta-cikgu-wujudkan-kelab-memanah hahahaha. I sold Cikgu Mazlan's name to Cikgu Faris and haha he trusted me so he let me used the equipment. I told him it's okay if we don’t have a coach because I can coach myself *dasar sombong tak sedar diri* but he still insists on having a teacher to watch us when we train. So, there comes the young and handsome Sir Shahrin, basically because of safety and all. So yeah. 

Ala, tak seronoklah cerita dalam english, macam skema sangat so haha. So, ignore my language lepas ni okay kawan-kawan? :D 

So, mula-mula kami training dekat belakang kuarters guru. Best gila weh jadi orang pertama yang handle kelab, dengan secara automatik aku lantik diri aku jadi kapten and yes, lepas tu cikgu Faris approve lah kan. We got our equipments, all under cikgu Faris management. I can’t remember how he managed to get a few bows tapi tak silap memang sekolah sains, sukan memanah macam compulsary sport so yeah. We were preparing ourselves for a tournament in SMSTSSS (SOKSEK) haha. It was our first, we got teacher Nadrah with us though. Bestlah. 

*K tetiba aku rasa kena gi sambung belajar, nantilah sambung cerita, kbye*

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