Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It's all our fault so do something

Hi there, 

I am in between assignments and reports but I think I need this. 

A couple of months ago, I shared on my instastory that I have only done first page of my practical report and I was scolded by a senior. He told me I should start doing things faster because there's a lot to write. At that time, I was being so defensive and I was annoyed with his response. I told another friend about it and he told me, "Well your instastory is sure is misleading. I know that you've done a lot for your report. " Gah, at that time I was like, what an excellent slap in the face response! Haha, I was ashamed and embarrassed of myself at the time but he's got the point. Of course my senior didn’t know that I've actually prepared a draft for the content and the requirements from my school and his are different. He's genuinely worry and I should accept that. 

Then, I was thinking about this girl. She's been doing very well in her studies, well that's what I read on her Facebook anyway. She shared stories about her success and achievement and well of course, I am a bit intimidated and jealous of her excellent life. Well, until recently when I got to know her. She seems to have more struggle than many of us do. Or, maybe more than what I have to face. But, in my defense, it's partly her fault because she is the one decided to portray her happy excellent stress-free life on socmed, that's why people (me) seems to think that she's doing good. 

But all of us has our own problems right? 

This post is more like a self-reflection/ reminder for myself. I just want to remind myself to be kinder to people and stop judging someone's life based on their social media stories. Don’t simply think that looking at Instagram, Twitter or blogs would be enough to replace one-to-one communication. There's no harm at all with texting each other, checking up on friends and ask things happening in their life even though they don’t ask you the same. 

It's our fault if people start to go away from us and we're not doing anything about it. 
Lower your ego and self-concerns, and be kind. 

Take care.

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