Friday, August 18, 2017


Oh hello. It's Friday night and I'm having a headache and can't sleep, so this is technically an attempt to distract myself. So, bear with it haha 

I started sending postcards to family and friends when Elia introduced it to me. It took around 2-3 weeks to send a postcard from Australia to Malaysia though, had to estimate and do a lot of praying that the postcards would arrive the destination safely. Before this, I didn’t like the idea of having people reading what I wrote to someone because it's not like sealed or anything. It's all written on the piece of card and anybody who happened to get hold to the card can read it. 

All the postcards from Elia in these 3 years 
But then, after receiving the postcards from Elia, a couple of times, unexpected, it made me feel better so I thought, I should keep this going on for others as well. Oh and especially after listening to James Blunt song, Postcards 

I'm sending postcards from my heart 

With love for a postmark and then 
You know that you make me feel like we've been caught 
Like kids in the school yard again 
And I can't keep it to myself 
Can't spell it any better 
L.O.V.E forever 
I hope you know that I'm sending a postcard 
I don't care who sees what I sent 
Or if the whole world knows what's in my head 

Okay, but really. What to worry right? What privacy? It's all honesty and all the words written are from the heart, mostly when I was not thinking too much about it. So I start sending some postcards, back to Elia and others. But here's the thing, I send these postcards to everyone I can,  without selecting to whom, mostly just out of the blue, sometimes to close friends but never to strangers, yet. with an intention to make their day, as much as I tried to be unselective and random, I actually did select my receivers. And sending these, I was not expecting any replies. Never did. I did expect some acknowledgment though, like when the person receiving them tell me that they've received the postcards. Then I know that the message sent :) 

Oh and whenever friends went for a vacation, I'll ask for postcards from the places they visited. Like last time when a few of friends went to New Zealand, they sent me postcards. Few words from them enough to make me feel good receiving it, thinking that they actually thought of me when they're there witnessing the beauty the places got to offer. 

Postcards from NZ and Queensland
I also think that, postcards have this sort of magic, that it will reach the receiver at the right moment, giving a sense of pleasure and content. And sometimes, it reached at the right moment. Like this one time, I asked a friend to send a postcard from Edinburgh. Well, I waited for the postcards for almost 3 months and we both decided that they (yes they, there were three of them haha) were lost. Both of us were sort of frustrated with it, but then we just have to move on with life. Anyway, fast-forward a couple of weeks later, I had an official email from my advisor that the only degree I am getting is just a pass degree, regardless of my final marks and that just torn my heart. I felt so devastated, felt so sad and frustrated so I decided to go for a walk. Just before I left home, I checked the mailbox and there it was, a postcard from Edinburgh, that went to the Philippines first and took almost 3 months to reach me. My friend did not write much but the words soothed my troubling heart and just made me feel a whole lot better. I just had to be thankful it took 3 months, I am so glad. 

the ones on the left are from Malaysia, funnily both dated 7/10 from the same person 
No, not all postcards sent have been received though. Had a couple sent to the same person and the person failed to receive it. I have no idea what happened though, no luck for her to get a postcard from me I guess. I even remember sending a postcard to a friend even though we're studying at the same university! It's all because it is a request and why not, anything to make your friend feel better right? :) I send Udan a couple and I don’t think he can relate to it yet haha, hopefully, he'll appreciate them when he's older though. 

So yeah, I really hope I can keep doing this, especially when I have these personalized postcards from Sydney - one piece in the whole world guys, designed by me of course! Let me know your address if you want one from me! :D

First edition of #postcardsbysabmeera hihi
 Anyways, prolly enough of a blog update, not much of an update but who cares, who even reads my blog nowadays right? Bye guys! Write more later, have a good weekend! :D

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