Sunday, August 27, 2017

Rainy Sunday

It's Sunday and it's raining outside and listening to Kodaline, Moving On just make it all on point. 

Had a conversation with a good friend just now, we talked about what we wanted in life, what we wanted to find in a partner and yeah, I guess, we're both at the age when we need to think about that. She knew me since I first arrived in Sydney, still can't forget those days when we both would be so stoked (this is an exaggeration, haha but yeah, you get what I mean) if we get to spend time at the beaches, watching both sunset and sunrise, yeah, we're both suckers for that. 

Flowers, ey? Reminded of my first birthday when those girls bought me flowers <3
Being able to sit down with her and sharing stories, it made me feel good. When I don't have to think much and she just gets me. I'm glad, no I'm thankful. When I don't have to explain much and she never question my decisions to provoke me, I like that. Haha I'm being so mushy now, it's all the rain fault HAHAHAHA. 

But anyway, oh this song is kinda cool, The One by Kodaline. Gahhhh, what an expectation…. Coming back to my anyway, I was thinking about this just now. How we all have our own pace of doing things and in growing up. 

I had a chance to sit down with a new girl two days ago, she was a bit clueless with what's going on and quite unprepared. Since her situation was kind of similar to mine when I first came here so I cannot accept why she has so many excuses in coping. I was a bit frustrated when I was trying hard to think of a solution for her so that she won't have a hard time here. I stopped talking and thinking about it for a night and today I saw her WhatsApp photo, she changed it to a picture showing her face. One advice I gave her two days ago, which I thought she wouldn’t listen. Because you know, some people need to see your face so that they can recognize you, let say you bumped into each other. So that's why I thought; 

She needs time and guidance, but she needs to learn things at her own pace. 

That's a conclusion I came to this evening about this girl. Well, that's what I've been telling myself too. 

Read a friend's blog the other day, she mentioned about giving yourself an advice, a good one. I like the way she puts it. Sometimes, we do need to be a friend to ourselves. I reflected on that post and see it to myself, and yes, sometimes, I've been a little bit too hard on myself. When things are out of place, I "volunteered" to take charge and let the people around me to sort of rely on me. So, it's like I've been lenient to people around me by doing things for them and not really allowing them to do things for me. 

To let people be in charge and trust them. 

I am going to have to learn this, on my own pace though. Slowly, I have to let people help me, so that they can grow and I can grow as well. But come to think of it, I did let people help me haha, I let them cooked for me when I'm tired. That's a good start I guess? haha 

^ This is really not a good paragraph but I have not enough break time to rewrite so let it be for now, I'll come back again and try to make it clearer, I hope so haha. 

Anyway, I end this post with Everything Works Out in The End by Kodaline. 

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