Monday, September 25, 2017

A motivation, reflection and reminder.

Hi there, it's spring break now. Got tons of work to do but I'm gonna take a two-day off anyway. So, here's the thing, I attended an annual workshop by my sponsor two days ago, and our advisor showed us this motivational video, which I found quite interesting. It does lift up my motivation a little bit. Here's the video,

Just wondering, what happened to most of us nowadays? Why are we belittling ourselves and keep telling that we're weak, when in fact, we can push ourselves more than we usually do? It's not easy, it's hard, it's a tough road but nevertheless, we can do this, inshaAllah. 


"Ustaz ada nasihat untuk bekalan kami?"
'Jagalah Allah, maka Allah akan menjaga kamu. Apa-apa pun yang kamu buat, kamu jagalah hubungan kamu dengan Allah.'



Whatever you are going through, know that you will be able to do it, inshaAllah.

Take care :)

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