Friday, October 6, 2017

scattered thoughts

"This is not a flat white, so bland" 
My thoughts exactly after my first sip of the flat white that I bought at Fisher cart just now. Reminded of the first time someone ever called me a 'coffee-snob', yeah, Jake called me that, right after our first coffee sesh together in TTDI. I don't blame him though, *k my thoughts disappear 'cause Sha came just now haha* but I think I want to say something about my standards are a tad bit high? Or maybe not HAHA

Anyway, when I was taking the lift to level 6 just now, I was about to miss the lift because people were crossing in front of me so I quickly pressed the 'up' button again but the old guy who just came out from the lift actually stopped the lift for me. An old guy, he was pushing his trolley, I guess he works in this library but he smiled at me and only let go right after I went in.

This is a good cup pf flat white btw

This simple incident, reminds me that there are still people who are not skeptical because I wore a hijab, who are nice human beings that doesn't mind sacrificing a minute or two to make someone else day better. Can you just imagine if I miss the lift? I had to wait maybe for another couple of minutes and prolly I won't end up here because I'll be normal, my happiness scale is constant and nothing happened worth talking to or pondering upon. But that's not what happened. Someone was kind to me and my mood was elevated a bit and since this blog is one of my happy place, here I am.

"Kopi ni still tak sedap btw haha, too watery"

Repetitively, I've been telling my housemates that they only have two months to fight with me, to argue with me and to spend time with me. Can't believe that I actually have like two months left to finish my degree. Not to mentioned, attending the career fair a few days ago, freaked me out a bit and talking to dad really helped. Haha, I guess adulting is kinda scary, for me at least. Need to think about work, making money, about further studies, finding life partner etc. Then again, how interesting can life be if I were to remain like this forever? Might as well try to pursue something since the pursuit of desires are always more satisfactory than the attainment of it. 

Okay, let me get back to lab report. Write again soon! 

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