Sunday, May 13, 2018

collateral beauty


Have you guys watched 'Collateral Beauty' with Keira Knightley in it as 'Love'? If you haven't, you should check it out. As for me, I like the idea behind the movie which was to find meaning after a damage has occurred. For example, whenever something 'bad' happens to us, there's always something 'good' that attached to it. And we just need to find that out. Haha right, so easy to understand but usually difficult to practice. Yeah, totally easier said than done ey? Hm 

Though, this post was never meant to talk on that. It just that; I used the same title when I wrote about my first and last (?) coffee session with Jake. Probably because it felt good but terrifying at the same time. As if I would be broken soon with this temporary feeling. (Crappy much? Tell me about it haha) 

Anyway, I was going through my 2016/2017 journal when I came across this: 

13th May 2017, for Jake
It seems that I already expect that it was not going to work A YEAR AGO. Though seriously guys, I'm still friends with him, don't have to be so overdramatic about it haha. So much of "….. I'll have to leave if it's going to break me." Haha, Sabrina in 2017 is so not chill. Not to say Sabrina in 2018 has changed a lot, but come on, you just don’t remain the same every year. For starter, Sabrina in 2018 already started work and man, she's so busy and tired (mostly) that her main aim when she finishes work is to sleep haha :p (I think I only managed to finish 1 book since working *smh) 

Coming back; if you already did whatever seems fit and best from you, then you leave the rest to God, why would the result break you? After all, if it was meant to be, it will be and if it wasn’t, it will never be, inshaAllah. And with what power do we have to change that? And since this 'attempt to be in love' didn’t work out for me, I just had to embrace the beauty behind it (read: now I know what kind of guy is attractive to me haha, before this I was clueless lol). 

So, take-home message? When it comes to the matter of the heart, do whatever you can and necessary, and leave it to God. If it does not work out? Take time to heal and look forward. This Dunya is temporary after all ey? :D

Enough of crappy stuffs, bye pipols.

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