Sunday, February 17, 2019

On the 48th day of 2019

Hopefully, this attempt for a new entry in 2019 will be a success.

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Hopefully all good yeah, if not, hang in there yeah? So yeah, I hope it is still not too late to write a summary of my 2018 (and also maybe my hopes for 2019?) 

But first thing first, I would like to apologize for not updating this blog more frequently. I was caught up with adulthood (dramatic much haha) but really, work has totally eat up a lot of my time (and my guy also :p) 

Bondi Beach, 2018

So, I’ll try to share a few points I’ve collected in 2018; 
  • Work will always be work. It will be never-ending and if you did not decide where is your limit, then you’ll be having a very stressful situation and never fulfilling. 
  • It’s okay to do something that you used to announce not to do. Like, if you used to go around telling people that you will never eat an avocado, but after years hating it without trying it, one day, you discover that it tastes good. At this moment, don’t be afraid to admit that you’re changing your stand. Don’t worry about what other people would say, ‘cause you’re never in control of it. So, suck up and eat as much avocado and just be happy. If you’re lucky, those around you might even share the excitement with you and share the avocados with you. 
  • It’s okay to be afraid and to be in a state of not knowing what to do. It’s okay if things in your life is too overwhelming and you needed to cry about it. It’s okay. It’s okay to tell this to your closest ones. They will at least share the burden with you, so at least you can be strong for real, and not just pretending. (Thank you awak sebab selalu suruh saya bercerita hihi) 
  • Everything in life is a phase. You’ll have to beat your ego and your negative side so that you can grow and move to the next phase. If you fall into your negative and endless thoughts about how incompetent, unworthy, useless etc, STOP. Stop at that instant and just stop. Stop your thinking process. You don’t need to try to be positive or whatnot; just stop the negative thoughts, trust me, it will do you good. That's it. 
  • You have to learn to accept people for who they are. You can never expect someone who was brought up in certain ways (different than yours) to be having the same thinking method as you. You cannot expect your close friend to be okay with everything you do, because you feel like that. You have to accept that people have their preferences, but also keep in mind, those preferences changes! People change, so are you. Don't forget that. 
I think 5 points is enough of reflection ey? 


Sorry guys, I am thinking too much at the moment. Too much. Very much actually. So, as my 4th point. I am going to stop thinking and just gonna post this entry tonight. (since among of thoughts is I should not expose myself like this) so yeah everyone, I'll write more soon. 

Bye, good night! 

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