Monday, April 8, 2019

senang-susah-bersama ; easy-difficult-together

"Susah sama-sama tu memang confirm, memang akan susah sama-sama."

Unavoidable. Without a doubt, we will have to struggle together.


I paid a visit to a close friend today, on my way to office from Cyberjaya. Well, since I suck at texting so haha I randomly called her to visit her at her office! It was a good catch up I think, I hope she can feel the warmth and support I am sending to her. Anyhow, we talked a lot this morning. And those sentences came outta my mouth, not exactly that but something like that.

You have to accept that when you decided to be in a relationship/friendship with someone, you will go through hardships and trials, with them. It is without a doubt, that life would still be full of challenges, the difference is you'll have a hand to hold to.

Yes, it is super truly difficult to see someone you care, someone, you love, to be drowning in a mess that you might not, or might be responsible for. Sometimes, you feel it is unfair for you to drag them and hold them, but it is much more unfair if you decided to push them away when they really wanted to stay.

'Things is not going to be easy, but if we can stick to each other, everything is gonna be fine.' :')

People wanted to be by you, with you. You should let them, 'cause they want you to stay with them as well. It's never a one-sided thing, I want to stay, and I know truly you wanted to stay as well. So? We just to try and make things work.

'Susah senang sama-sama. Susah sama-sama memang wajibul ghunnah. Tapi susah sama-sama, bahagia pun sama-sama. Berkongsi rasa, ya, mungkin itu maksudnya.'

Makin lama, makin rasa erti persahabatan, erti suatu perhubungan. Tuhan betul sayangkan kita kan? Tengok sekeliling pun tahu dah, penuh kasih sayang <3

I pray that each of you reading this would be shower with love and strength, stronger bonds to go through whatever is coming in front of you.

Take care and goodnight.


p/s: Ya, sis dah laju menaip sebab sis finally tukar SSD laptop. 
Harddisk laptop haritu rosak rupanya, kehkeh xp

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