Thursday, July 8, 2021

Writing helps?

Hello there.

I've been contemplating writing in Malay or English. Attempted to use Malay all the way but I sounded so fake; so I guess, broken English it is.

It has been one month since my office practice Work From Home (WFH) due to Covid-19 cases rising. Well, what is scarier is that even after one month, the cases haven't dropped.

Oh let just pray that things gonna get better.

As per my title up there, this is just an attempt to declutter my miserable messy mind so let's start with me unloading some of them:

  • If you are a manager, please be decisive with your staff. Never ask them to bypass you and go to your immediate superior. Underperformed staff should be monitored closely. Maybe even create a performance improvement plan for the staff. Because sometimes, people just need some motivation and the right guidance.
  • Breastfeeding is so tiring and requires such patience and commitment. Well, I can talk a lot about this but that's for another post.
  • Sometimes being a person that is not a picky eater; can be a problem when "anything also can" and someone else need to make a decision.
  • Finding your passion and hobby is important to keep your mind at rest. Because when you start doing your hobby, you're giving good healthy food to your brain.
  • Nobody will take care of you like you can. Yes, the family can help you give support and help. But in the end, unless you want to help yourself, nobody else can.
  • Not a day passed that I conflicted myself between being an at-home mother and a working mother. Not a day passed without me worrying about my milk supply for my baby. Not a day passed without me worrying about what if my baby won't drink the formula milk and insist to have breastmilk. Not a day passed that I am wondering whether or not what I am doing a mother is correct or not. It's so exhausting to decide what's best for someone else. Someone who I carried for 9 months, someone who can't tell me that she's hot if I cover her with too much blanket, who cannot tell me what she wants to do for the rest of the day and who wanted my fullest attention when I'm with her. 
  • My chiffon cake didn't work out chiffon-ny yesterday. Turned out to be a normal pumpkin cake. Hush. Very rusty baking skill, so in need of improvement.
  • Trying to build up a habit of reading is difficult. I could not make time to squeeze a bit of reading or maybe I got too much on my plate.
  • Interns can be very annoying. Some of them prefer to be spoon-fed. Cannot do anything on their own. I mean, fine, you are an intern so expected to not know things, but some initiatives please? Don't just go "Sabrina, this cannot do cause got an error." The end????? You could really continue on by saying, "I've tried this and that, but really just can. Maybe can help me out here." And some more you stayed silent just like that. Sooooo not getting my recommendation. Let me not talk about those interns who had the capabilities "Oh, actually not interested to do this." Well, news for you, I am not interested to teach and share things with you too but I was assigned this task so just get over it.

Phew, this summed up why I am bitter and frustrated these days. Oh, let's not just start talking about our country, government and Covid-19.  But I feel a little better now 'cause I know there'll always be someone keeping an eye on this blog, reading my random thoughts/writings from time to time. Love you. :D

Dried flowers, so pretty right?

Till then, back to work. Take care, all of you, stay safe and stay indoors as much as you can.


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