Monday, July 12, 2021

Things happened in life to teach you


Just to share a quick story.

This morning, I was helping Anas to make our morning coffee using our freshly bought coffee beans. Well, the grinder stuck so I attempted to troubleshoot it. Cut-short the story, I clumsily dropped the storage bins for the ground beans and all of that 100grams coffee beans, all of them scattered on the floor. (If you cannot imagine, try searching for images for 'Spilled coffee beans on the floor' and then you can imagine me trying to pick up one by one; initially thinking that I can save the beans. After 2 mins, I figured that I  should just throw all these so I just swept them all haha.

Anyway, as I was picking up the beans, my mind reminded me of something.

Last night, I read something called "The Power of Acknowledgement", a subtopic in the book by Mizi Wahid, "The Art of Letting God". The book said that there are some things that we can never change, so there's no point to be too upset about it. And the funny thing is that the writer used an example of dropping something he really wanted to eat on the floor. What he is trying to say is that we need to take notice of something, be aware of it and accept it as it is. Don't start being too carried away with what already spilled. Well, I cannot undo that. So, just now when I was on the floor, I was really trying to comprehend this into my mind. Haha.

Miss going to cafes

And it helped. At least I managed to take a good shower and dress up, purposely to distract me from remembering the incident again. I seriously felt a whole lot better after that. It was a loss for the spilled beans but anyhow, the coffee was too strong for us so yeah.

I am just amazed that God made me learnt this value immediately as I stumbled upon it while reading a book. Which gives me the motivation to read even more books.

So, let's get reading shall we guys?

Take care Oki.

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