Friday, November 19, 2021

Might be last post in 2021? Haha

Assalamualaikum and hello people.

Today I’m at my car service centre and I promised myself that I wanted to post a blog today, so if you managed to read this, alhamdulillah.

Last weekend, I had a good time with my girl friends and my baby girl. RS has been amazing by the way. She slept around 8pm till morning, and my goodness, that allowed me to do some chores and rest after long hours at work. Anyhow, I went out almost the whole day, from brunch to lunch and all. Haha. Seriously it felt so good to see friends, good friends that I can have meaningful conversation with.

Well, it has been a long time since my friends hangout after covid and all, after getting a kid, I think I went out with friends only once? Haha. So, it’s really a good feeling and experience. (By now you should really know that I had a really good time cause I just spent two paragraphs describing it hahaha)

A lot of things I wanted to share with you people who reads this blog (maybe a few numbers but yeah). From motherhood, work, friendship but all in all it goes back to about life. About jodoh, having kids, your health, money, career and list the go on. But thinking that this might be my only post this year, I would like to dedicate it about being a mother. RS turning one in 3 weeks! Alhamdulillah. Mixed feeling happysad but more about it later.

Let’s see.

I got pregnant just when Covid-19 started, but seriously, can never be thankful enough that I had a smooth pregnancy. No morning sickness, no high blood pressure, just some leg cramps, constipation, diet-controlled GDM and yeah, otherwise all good. I am glad that I’m okay to drive myself around even until I’m in 36weeks. Oh yes, I climbed up my office on 4th floors by stairs yeah? Maybe that was the one that help me to have smooth delivery also (all praise to God cause ultimately it is all God’s will).

Okay okay, had to admit, I had some mysterious way of thinking during pregnancy. I was super sensitive and I was sensitive about it. Lol, I cried fro being emotional and sensitive. Now that I think back, it was really unnecessary but then again, it was those things that happened who made me who I am today.

Fast forward 38 weeks, I had to be induced because my GDM suddenly spiked and I had to start taking meds. Oh, GDM is gestational diabetic mellitus, basically diabetic during pregnancy. I think it basically caused by your hormones. And, don’t worry, I’m no longer diabetic now. So yeah, after almost 24 hours in the labour room, there you go, came out a beautiful baby girl, Raisa Sumayya. She was so small now that I remember and I was so scared to hold her because she seems so fragile. I remember my husband stayed with me throughout the time in the labour room and he held my hand, ah he even slept on the floor ‘cause the chair was so uncomfortable despite the room being too cold.

Then, the journey begins…..

I had problems with latching to my baby, so I had to pump. Yes, Sabrina being Sabrina, she didn’t buy the pump yet lol. So I had to manually pump and topup with formula. But I keep trying anyhow. God, breastfeeding journey is another story just by itself haha. Baby got prolonged jaundice. Yeah, so stressful for me, cause you see, people always tell me you have to keep feeding her to lower down her bilirubin level but I got issue with latching so how? Damn, that was stressful time.

Yes, pantang is another story hahahaha. It was a mixed-challenging-modern-conservation-fighting-for-you time. I am still okay, I think. Haha. But yeah, I am super glad I got Anas as my biggest supporter. I can never thanked him enough for holding RS while I sleep throughout the night. And enduring those hard sofa just because there’s no enough room for him on the bed. What a period for us both. (Semoga syurga buat insan ini dan semoga dipermudahkan semua urusannya)

So yeah, I had a difficult time during confinement. I think I almost self-diagnosed myself for having postpartum depression. It was difficult because RS sometimes will cry non-stop without reason in the middle of night haha. Thankfully she no longer does that. It was tiring trying to understand RS. People say you can listen to the cries tone and rhythm, it means something but hahaha I don’t care. I did whatever I can think of as long as she’s okay.

This post is getting to lengthy I guess? Haha.

So cutting the story short, just hit me up if you wonder or wanted to ask about things pregnancy related, motherhood and also being wife after birth! I’d love to share the funny or stressful things to you if you ask :)

RS is now actively exploring the things around her. She likes to talk with her own language of course and she is very smart and happy. She’s loud like me haha and not the very manja type, but can be. Despite those many many challenging episodes, I will not change anything. She’s a happy and healthy kid and I am so glad.

Having her was a choice, we planned for her, and we wanted her. And I loved it that I got to do this with Anas. I tell you, coming back from stressful and tiring day at work to this cheeky bambam girl, just melts your heart and makes you forget other things.

I prayed for those who are trying to get kids, that Allah will ease it for you.
I prayed for those who are struggling to get married, that Allah will ease it for you.
And for those who are in the same boat as me, that Allah will ease it for you.

Cause everything that happens, all is in Allah’s will.

May all of us will be blessed by His gracious blessings and guidance.

Take care people.
They’re gonna be best friends <3

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