Sunday, September 6, 2015

No anger, have patience

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Hellllooooo people!

How’s your weekend so far? Mine is good, Alhamdulillah (: excited for a busy Sunday tomorrow, haha yeahhhh. Anyway, let’s not talk about it, we’ll talk about something else.
So, actually, I was planning to dedicate a post about chocolate cake and churros, but I guessed it is not necessary since people can just google them and found tons of different more delicious recipes. So, here’s a picture of the two of them haha.

My initial intention of writing this post is to write what happened to me for past few days. A diary, if you want to name it. So, here it goes:

Dear diary,
It has been two days since I was left alone at home, yeah, all alone since my other housemates decided to go to Tasmania! I know rigghttt? They went to Tassie in the middle of a busy semester! Agh! Lucky you lucky you phd students. I know I shouldn’t be ranting about my busy schedule, I mean it’s not anyone else’s fault but myself, still I want to rant about it. Hihihi.
It was not that bad though, having the house for myself, *I’ve avoided any movies, or stories that are related to ghost haha or else I’ll be freaking scared to stay at home alone* since I’ve got so many things to do to occupy myself. Haha. Yelah, sebab kalau takdak benda nak buat nanti mesti pishang huhu.
So, Syalin is here in Sydney, with her mum and dad, so yeah, I’ll just spend some time with her tomorrow for lunch. What else? Oh yeah, I have finished reading ‘What I talk about when I talk about running’ by Haruki Murakami. It was a pretty good book, talking about life in general and somehow I kinda like his way of writing. I was thinking of giving this book to somebody, but I don’t know to whom. Haha, maybe anyone interested can tell me here and drop me a comment? Hihi.
Feels like I’m talking nothing intellectual here, not worth a post, haha. So, let’s talk about something beneficial. Okay diary? Okay? Good. (:
Last weekend, despite so many things to do, I just had to go to this one small gathering with a few sisters, we did the gathering at Kahawa in Newton. It was a good restaurant with good food at a good price! Anyway, we had a small discussion about patience and about being yourself. So, someone shared about Hadith 16 of Hadith 40 by Imam Nawawi.

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him):
“A man said to the Prophet, ‘Give me advice.’ The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, ‘Do not get angry.’ The man asked repeatedly and the Prophet answered each time, ‘Do not get angry.’”
Related by Bukhari & Muslim

        The hadith is basically about how we have to stay patience in all times. How we have to avoid being angry, especially when we are stressed and are under a lot of pressure. This reminder came at the right moment for me as at the moment I was busy doing things that I think I might have hurt some feelings by being angry at them. So, it was a very gentle reminder from Allah, alhamdulillah. We discussed a few tips to avoid being angry- we have to try to stay calm, we should make ablution, we have to clarify and check our facts before we jump into any conclusion, we stay silent, change our position or pray for patience from Allah.
                I still remembered a friend told me, in psychology, there is this theory that anger can be transferred. So, let say A is angry at B, then B would be angry at C in order to transfer the anger. So, the process will continue until it reach a person that can be patient enough to channel the anger to something else, or to ground the anger. And another friend also told me, “being patience is best at the start not at the end”, which means that it is not being patience if you go mad at first and start talking with anger and let it all out, then only you said, “Have patience dear self”.
Hence, I guess we should really try our best to stay calm and patience at all times. Whether we are at fault or not, we should really avoid being angry. ‘cause it will hurt a lot of feelings, and it is so not good to hurt those whom we loved. (: Then another sister talked about Kun Anta- Being yourself. I guessed I’ll save this one for later, inshaAllah. I should really go back to my quiz. Talk to you soon diary?
Love, Sabrina

I need to find new book to read then, let’s go to bookstore anytime soon or maybe just drop by at Fisher Library to borrow some books. Till then peeps, bye!

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p/s: I don’t like cakes
but I like baking

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