Friday, September 11, 2015

Third person

Start: 1442 11092015

She was sitting alone in one corner of the common room. She had her ears plugged with ear pods, with maximum volume. James Arthur is singing Recovery to her and she had her head focus to her laptop. She was typing so fast as if she had all the ideas in the world to keep on typing. As if she had something going on inside her mind that needed to be written to the blank space.

The others in the room are basically being very cheerful and happy, playing ‘Truth or Dare’. Yet this one lady in the red-checkered shirt does not give a damn about them. She kept typing and didn’t even looked up when the other girls burst with laughter.

Actually she just got back from lunch with her friend. They had one-hour break in a small nice coffee shop near the campus. She kept on doing her stuffs, totally lost in her own world. Not sure what is so important that she does not care about her surroundings at all.

Her phone suddenly vibrated and she quickly take a look at it, as if she has been waiting for someone’s response. She frowned after gotten the text, looking more like a burden have been added to her. She felt very tensed that now when she typed, she didn’t smile anymore. She looked very sad and she had trouble typing now. She kept typing and deleting whatever she wrote.

She was totally disturbed by whatever news she just read because she stopped typing and let out a soft sigh. Slow enough as if she wanted to hear it just for herself. She started packing up her stuffs. She still had her ear pods on and James Arthur was singing Certain Things now. She smiled to the others in the room, briefly and she left the common room, wearing a happy smile on her face.

end: 1515 11092015

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Apologize for the mistakes

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