Thursday, February 4, 2016

Live update : Bondi to Coogee, a lone-coastal walk

3rd February 2016
Central Station

I suddenly got this idea of jotting down my thoughts as I went for a quick escape today. And yeah, I hop on this train from Redfern station just now. So what I am currently thinking?
"Why is it that the air conditioning for this train is not working? Haha."
Oh and just now I saw someone I knew. I guessed whenever I thought of having a total me time, I'll always bumped into somebody. Hah so much of alone time. Hm

Bondi Junction Station

Bus to Bondi beach, a guy is sitting beside me. Haha motif sangat nak bagitahu benda ni but I am just curious that there are so many empty seats available and he chose to sit beside me. And I have to sit still if I want to keep my wudhu' hm so, the sky is looking a little bit cloudy, hopefully it will not start raining though I brought my raincoat with me. We'll see how it goes then haha.

Started coastal walk from Bondi Beach to we'll see where later haha.

Funny how I stayed at one place whenever I see a dog haha

Whenever I see stairs, I remembered my bushwalking trip to Blue Mountains with some friends few Weeks ago. So embarrassing but that trip assured me how blessed I am with good friends
Between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach
now tengah dilemma should I continue walking or just sit here and enjoy the view 

Mackenzies Bay
So I walked. I'm gonna miss all these scenery. Hm

Bronte Beach
Bronte Beach

I can Coogee Beach! Yes


Penatlah, haha walaupun Coogee is so near. But since it is almost sunset and I have no idea how to go back home from here, I have to make a move now.

Safely made it to Coogee Beach yeayyyy


Alhamdulillah dah settle solat Maghrib. Now now, we can go find something to eat and head back home

Just now I was thinking that I didnt think about anything while walking but I did think about not thinking anything so I think? Haha. and following that thought, I was thinking that I should do this walking as my therapy so that I can stop thinking haha again with 'thinking' but then again, why would I want to stop thinking? It should be a continuous process like right now I should be thinking of how I am going to go back home haha

Being here this time reminds me of the day when I came here to celebrate my birthday with Iman,

Now boarding the 372 bus from Coogee to Bondi Beach. It'll pass Malaysia Hall for sure but I am not gonna stop because I smell so bad and I am just tired and want to go home and bathe,pray and sleep.

And this bus ride gonna be a long one since it's like from first stop to last stop haha. Anyhow, I hope not to sleep!

Watched a family just now, the Dad was bringing the kids' bags and his children wanted to tap off their Opal cards themselves. I don't know but looking at that guy reminds me of how much a father did sacrifice for his children. Must be tired to carry all the bags and to bear with the children's tantrums and behaviour. To all dads and soon to be dad, you are one great man!

Reached home safely alhamdulillah

Just now, before I reached the gate of where I lived, I remembered that I still haven't posted the postcard for my lil sis, stressed haha i've been carrying it in my bag for two days, need to go out tomorrow and post the postcard. That should be it!

that's all from me today haha. Bye

p/s: thought of explaining but then again, why not leave you wondering right? It good for your brain hihi.Till then, BYE!

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