Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Archery; part(i)

Team Gombak Setia 2009
I've been planning for this post for quite some time actually. I just didn’t know where to start. So, to avoid myself from procrastinating, I'm just gonna do it and see how this goes.

I've started learning the basic of archery in standard 5. I was introduced to archery by my P.E. teacher, Cikgu Azman. How? Well, the first day of class, we have to introduced our names and he randomly picked any students that he wanted and asked they to do push up at the teacher's table, and yes, I was chosen as well. I managed to do 10 push-ups and then he later said,

"Come to archery training at 3 p.m. later this afternoon, it'll be conducted behind block G."

I remembered that time I don’t have my own sport yet so I just went on and tried. It so happened that that day the primary school are having training with secondary school. So, there I went with my friend, and what do we know, we learned the basic of archery from one of the greatest coach in Selangor, Cikgu Mazlan! I gotta be honest with you that I still remember every details he told me and I am so proud when I went to another school, the new teacher was impressed with my good basics. And all I can say is that I have a good coach from the beginning.

*I left this draft on my OneNote since 13 January2016*
So yeah, well right now I am still emotionally affected after watching Never Let Me Go, I think the movie is just so sad :( now I am feeling very sad, *sigh*

Anyway anyhow, let's talk about archery.

So, as I've written up there, I started joining at the age of 11 and stopped when I was 17. Yes, a total 6 years of life as an archer. Though at first I really want to continue archery even after finishing my high school and I actually got an offer to join the training for SUKMA but Allah has predestined something better for me, Alhamdulillah :) so I stopped being involved with archery from that day onwards. That being said, I still sometimes spent my time watching videos about archery and always got excited with them. HAHAHA, yeah I know, I shouldn’t be but old habits die hard isn't it, yes?

So, my initial plan for this post was to allow people to see properly my journey in archery; but then it'll too much details that I don't think nobody gonna read them. HAHA. Now, I feel like writing a new post altogether, hahahahaha, so bye.

Okay so not bye, I am just too lazy to really start a new one, so let's go with this.

I stopped at when I got to know my first coach right? I didn't joined any competition until I am 12 years old. Yes, the very same year I'll be having my UPSR; yes, risk-taker Sabrina is being develop! Haha. Anyway, alhamdulillah I managed to get a spot to represent Gombak to state tournament. I think, from this point onwards, people start calling me Sab since there are two Sabrina on the team. And yeah, I got to know a lot of people from this too hahaha, now that I think about it, this is when I started to fall in love? Eceyyyyyy, astagfirullahhaladzim, forgive me. I am just writing things that popped up in my head.
So, I remember MSS Selangor 2006 was featured in The Star and since I got second place in 20m category for under 12, my name was in the newspaper and my dad was very proud of that though my parents still complain about how tanned I got to be after the tournament. Then, came UPSR and finished primary school and I got an offer to 'Sekolah Projek', not really a sport school but it is but only for Selangor I guess? And my parents were okay with me going but since I was so determined in going to boarding school, I declined the offer and guess what? I DIDN'T GET INTO ANY BOADRING SCHOOOOLL!! YEAY! *okay tak yeay*

*sedih tahu tak? Sebab dah lama nak pergi asrama :(*

Anyhow, I ended up going to SMK GOMBAK SETIA which is still cool since I can continue joining archery kahkahkah. And I got to do lotsa fun stuffs, oh maybe exciting too, there. Haha. So, in form one, my performance in archery dropped so much that I didn’t even qualified to MSS Selangor (MSSS) hah, I think I don't get any medal that year! I don’t know what happened to me but it was kinda hard I guess because I now need to shoot under a new category and I was struggling. Oh maybe I should explain how the category works. The category followed by the distances we need to shoot.

Under 12 - 30m, 25m, 20m, 15m
Under 15 - 60m, 50m, 40m, 30m
Under 18 - 90m (male only), 70m, 60m (female only), 50m, 30m

But during my year in under 12, the furthest was 25m and the nearest was 10m. But they changed it some when during 2007 and these are the latest ones that I remembered. I don't think they changed again after that. So yeah, you can see the differences in the distances so in order to shoot more distances, you need to increase the power of your bow. And I am not sure whether the terms I am using is correct but in primary school, I only used 'wooden bow' and it weigh around 22pounds whereas in high school, I got to use 'advanced bow' that weigh up to 36pounds. But somehow since I couldn't do it, I managed at 32pounds. Haha.

And I remembered how my coach told me to do push up ad he even gave me rubber strips to train at home. Oh haha and he even allowed me to bring a bow back home so that I can practice, funny when remembering how Abah helped me through to set up the bow. Ah I missed those ol good times.

This is getting too lengthy I think, so I'll save some more later?

Till then, bye!

Oh and thanks for reading. hihi.

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