Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#repost: The best planner and All-knower

Hello :)

It is already 0013 but I am still wide awake, okay no, I am not wide awake, I am just awake. Just so you know, had a quite long day today, my feet are aching and I am quite sleepy but since I've bake a cheesecake, now I have to wait for it to cool down and so I thought, while killing my time waiting, 'Why not do an update for my blog?' 

The thing is I randomly looked at my drafts and found one particular post. I've posted it before but it was in Malay, so I thought I am going to rewrite in English and gonna make it sound more interesting, *hopefully*

Let's go!

One day, when I am still in Sunway College, I got a sudden wish to print out some pictures. I can't remember why but it was so random and I have no idea where to print cheap good quality photos. So, I put the pictures I planned on printing in a pendrive and make a move to Sunway Pyramid, which by the way is only 10 minutes walk from Sunway College.

And it was Monday, since class finished early, I went there with my housemate, Alia. So, here it goes.

Shop 1

Me : Can I print photos here?
Salesgirl : You brought the pendrive? If you did, there's a machine here.
*She walked me to the machine*
S : This is an instant machine.
M : Oh yeah, I have my pendrive here, but how much does it cost?
S : 80cent each photo. How much do you want to print?

M : Around 30 photos.
She handed back the pendrive to me and said;
"You take back your pendrive and go somewhere else. The printer here does not print good quality for coloured photos. Sorry"

So, I thanked her and walk to find another shop while I am thinking, how good is her that she's being honest with me. Alhamdulillah.

Shop 2
Me : Can I print photos here?

Salesgirl : No.
I think she misheard me and when I told Alia what she said, Alia pointed to a machine that look similar to the one in the previous shop, an instant photo printer. But somehow I was too lazy and feel not needing to ask the second time so I just move on to another shop.

Shop 3
Me : Hi, how much does it cost to print a photo?
Salesguy : RM1.50 per photo

Me : I thought of printing around 30 photos, so how much ey 1.50 times 30?

S : RM45

M : So expensive! *Yes, I said it out loud! So embarrassed but it's true, it is expensive*

S : Okay, wait a minute, I'll go ask my supervisor.

He went for a bit and then when he came back, he said:

"What about RM36? Is it okay for you?"

Then I gave a thought and since I am just so determined to get the photos printed, agreed even though it was pricy. He helped me to use the instant photo printing machine. And guess what? The machine can't seemed to be detecting the pendrive. Yeay! *no not yeay* and yeah, he did something here and there and somehow now the printer is not detected. All the wires are connected and the guy was feeling helpless and he tried as much as he could and after almost 10 minutes fixing here and there, and it is still not working, he gave me back my pendrive and apologized.

I took the pendrive and thanked him for helping me out. Though inside me, I was totally frustrated because there isn’t any other photo printing shop left in Sunway Pyramid that I know of. But I still went looking for any other shops in Sunway Pyramid and I can’t find any place that can help me print out the photos.

Frustrated, I went back home. Feeling all gloomy and sad. And I tweeted all these things and felt for a second how childish it was but yeah, I still tweet them anyway. Haha

Then, that weekend, I went back to Gombak and I stopped by Alpha Angle to PRINT MY PHOTOS! Haha, I just don’t quit, not just yet. Oh by the way, I took the LRT just for this sake. Haha, can’t you see how determined I am to get these photos printed?

So, when I reached Alpha Angle, I got to a shop, the only shop that print photos. And I was happy and excited and thrilled when the salesgirl told me, it is only 50cent per photo and additional rm5 for service. I was like, *yeayyyyyyy fireworks* However, some things, they just don't turn out as you want them to. It so happened that they can't detect my pendrives. Oh yes, I brought two pendrives because I am scared that this would happened but it still does. So yeah, I just thanked them * oh they are Kelantanese btw, haha, had a good talk with them though* and I went back home, busied myself with Rushdan cute naughty behaviour so that I can forget about this.

Then then, on Tuesday, I went to Sunway Pyramid *again* to buy present for Amira and Alia told me that someone told her that I can print photos at Harvey Norman. And she told me it was quite cheap so as fast as lightning, I went directly to Harvey Norman. And you know what? There are plenty instant photo printer andddddd it is wayyy cheaper. It is only 50cent each! WITHOUT ANY SERVICE CHARGE! Can you imagine, from RM36 to RM15. That's a lot of difference! Not to mention that it only took a few minutes to get the photos printed. So efficient and so cheap and Sabrina is so happy. Haha.

Ya rabbi, I can't helped but to praise Allah.

So, what I really want to get across from this lengthy story? I want to tell you to have patience and pray to Allah, He really knows best. Allah know whichever is better for you and He'll guide you if He wants to. All those waiting, all those rejections, all those undetectable pendrives, all those dramas, it was only to teach me to have Sabr and to remind me to always depend on Allah and not myself. Allah is indeed the All-Knowing and He is The AlMighty.

So, if things didn’t go as you planned, just keep in mind, He knows. So pray harder and have good assumption to Allah. He's giving you the best of all. :)

That's all from me. The cake is cooled now and I can go to sleep!

Goodnight :)

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