Thursday, June 9, 2016

Meet Lonely

It was almost midnight when her mum gave birth to her. Her dad was out somewhere looking for food, maybe he was just panicked that he's getting a baby. Her mum told her that the pain beyond words to be explain. She didn't cry at first that the doctor had to slap her hard on the back for her to cry. Then she began crying. Mum and dad love her so much, for 2 years. Then they got another baby and another. And she started to live independently.

Oh, and her name is Lonely.

Now she's old enough to drive her own car but she don’t do that often because she didn’t own any car. She likes travelling using public transport because it is easy and she can save herself from the need to think about where to park. But really, the fact that she likes using the public transport is because she'll get to be alone in a crowded place. There's a comfort in that situation for her.

Lonely likes being alone. She studied alone, she cooks alone, she walks alone. Lonely is not lonely though. She just like being alone. You can call her an introvert but she don’t really care about that. Lonely has many great friends, many good friends but her friends always kept their distance to her. Because Lonely despise people who keep pushing her to talk. She hated overwhelming attention. Sometimes she'll just ignore people because she had no intention of talking.

Lonely listen well though. She's fine to listen to people but sometimes she can't take it because people keep telling her same old stuffs that she has been giving response so many times. Lonely just don’t get why people are so ignorant of themselves. Why people keep complaining without doing anything. Lonely still don't get it.

Lonely get tired easily because she chose that. She chose to get tired easily and be a couch potato and stay in her room and read. She know that she get to decide for the choices in her life. So she chose things to her desires so that she cannot complain. If she complain, then she has to answer it herself because she's the one that is responsible for that. Even though she was complaining about other people's behaviour, it is still her fault because she chose not to correct them. She chose to keep quiet and therefore she cannot expect anything to happen because no action was taken. So often, Lonely is not bothered about what's going on because she chose to.

Lonely sometimes want to scream to some people that keep bugging her, asking her what's her problem. She wanted to tell them to go away but Lonely was scared that they might never ever come back so she stay quiet and just ignore them.

Lonely don’t get why people always pity people that drink coffee alone, that reads alone, watch movie alone; she likes doing all that. Lonely thinks that she can enjoy herself alone. She's got no one else's preferences to consider, she don’t need to spend time discussing about what's the best with another person, she can just decide in little time possible. She'll go out to bookstore any time randomly and she likes that. She don’t have to wait for anyone to get ready, she can save herself from picking a topic of conversation, she can walk at a pace to her liking or even changing the pace from time to time, that's up to her.

It just that,

Lonely don't feel lonely at all but people don’t get it. Even if they told Lonely they get it, they don’t seemed to.

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