Sunday, March 27, 2016

A short 20 minutes walk from Central Station to Chippendale

I got off the train feeling tired and exhausted and wanted to just catch a bus to reach home but I walk. I walk thinking that I needed some air to clear off my mind after the three days with the kids. Well, I just miss walking around actually hahaha nothing much on my mind, so yeah.

Anyway, when I walked just now, I saw a mother and she was holding her children. A son and a daughter, she held their hands so that they walk side by side with her. I was walking behind her and I thought how lovely it was and I should have brought the kids I was taking care of for a walk but 6 is just too many at one time haha. However, to my surprise, the mother had cigarette on her lips. I was like WHATTTTTTTTTT???!! What is wrong with you? Smoking is known to be harmful and why are you harming your own kids?! Had some wires in your brain gone wrong or what?

I almost went to ask the mother why on earth is she smoking in front of her own kids? Is she stupid or something? But well of course I did not do it, I was just too exhausted though I blamed the days spent with the kids causing me to be this defensive haha but now writing this down, I think I should have asked her, hm

I can't recall the second thing that happened during my short walk, ugh, I should have typed it while it happened. Silly me, I forgot things so easily lately. Oh and my ankle has not fully recovered yet, it has been 2 weeks since the day I slipped on the stairs. Anyway, let's just pray that this Sabrina gonna take a better care of herself since her life is a trust given by God to her.

Probably I should get some rest and stop thinking.

So till then, goodnight. Oh it is raining outside as I am posting this, such a remedy :)

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