Sunday, March 20, 2016


It is still raining outside and I have to fight the desire to go walk in the rain since I've got class at 9 am tomorrow
Forget that though, wasn't important

I like the rain, it gives me a sense of serenity, I, personally like looking at the sky when the rain is pouring down. Sometimes I purposely left my umbrella at home to get a chance to get wet in the rain (but usually I have to quickly go back home and dry my books haha)

I thought of posting something about chilling in and slowly slow your thinking process but sorry, the words didn't came out right. I'm sorry, I guess my thinking is just too slow? haha

Anyway, I really hope that my 'partner' enjoys rain as well, then we can go out especially during rainy days hihi imagine go for a hike, a walk by the beach, or just stroll in the garden haha. astagfirullah, *apa benda aku berangan ni haha, tak patut* but I should get going now, so till then,


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