Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Of dreams

Last Thursday, I woke up at 6 am, after having a dream that I already missed my Fajr prayer. And I still remember how scary I was at the moment when I realised I missed the prayer. Which when I woke up, I slowly thanked Allah for waking me up for Fajr.

Last Friday, I was having a nightmare, I was having a quarrel with somebody whom I can't really remember, then suddenly my best friend showed up in my dream and she said something about me neglecting her, and forgetting my duties as her friend. And to my surprised, I woke up since my phone vibrated and when I managed to answer the call, it stopped. When I looked who called, it was my best friend, the exact girl in my dream. So I thought, I need to call her back though it was 2 a.m. at the moment. Haha

Last night, I had a dream, I was married to one of my friend and it was so weird because we looked forward to the wedding but after the wedding we were so awkward in front of our friends. I woke up having this dream and go back to sleep, telling my mind to continue the dream and see what happens haha, pelik duh mimpi kahwin dgn kawan sendiri haha kalau kawan aku tahu ni mesti kelakar haha

Reasons why I am sharing this to you? I am not really sure but I just have to let it out somewhere somehow, not many people read this blog anymore anyway, so here I am haha.

Someone told me that whatever you dreamt is actually what's on your mind. I refused to believe this because I always think about food, how come I never dream about food for once? Haha


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